What Can I Sell Over JVZoo?

Many who first start out on JVZoo are faced with the question of “What can I sell here?”. In this post, find out the best converting products you can easily create and sell on JVZoo to kick start your online business.

The JVZoo marketplace features an array of various products from many different niches across the board. What works for some may not necessarily work for others, so here we’d like to give a quick breakdown of your options when it comes to selling your products on JVZoo.

First of all there are only three types of products you can sell: physical products, digital products or services.

Let’s look at each of these below.

Physical Products

Physical products are pretty self-explanatory.
These are products your customers will be able to physically hold in their hand after purchasing.

Because JVZoo’s marketplace is a popular place for educational products, these are most likely to be books. The books that sell the best on JVZoo are usually non-fiction where the topic covers something a customer can learn. Anyone can go into Amazon and purchase a copy of Harry Potter, so authors selling over JVZoo that have seen the most success teach topics around business, marketing, sales, and some may teach other skills – such as cooking.

The entire process of selling your book over JVZoo will be the same as the one described in JVZoo Academy – the only differences are in the fact that you can skip the product creation stages, and of course the time it would take for your customer to hold the book in their hands – the delivery time between them making the purchase and having it delivered to them.

Physical books are not the dominating product that is sold over JVZoo because if you do decide to publish a book, you are likely to have a publisher with their own networks that can sell it for you. If you are a self-published author, the reality is that there is array of many other book selling websites online and offline today that you are likely to turn to first, some of which may not let you promote your book outside of their network.

This type of product is usually a good one to sell if you already have a published book and have no conflict of interest with your publishers about selling it yourself online.

Digital Products

Digital products is anything that can be delivered online to a mass audience.

These products are not customized, so what is promoted on your sales pages is exactly what your customers will receive. Because the concept of a digital product is so broad, these are the best ones to sell over JVZoo. You can deliver them instantly, and refunds are much easier on both the seller and customer because as a seller, you can simply remove access to the product, and the customer will receive their funds without having to pay out of their pocket to return the product.

Digital products that sell the best on JVZoo are either software computer programs or training products. However, there are many other types of products that can be created and sold as well. After all, not everyone wants to become the top seller necessarily and especially when you’re starting out, if you break through and make even a few hundred dollars on your first product that you only had to sacrifice some time to create, it’s a good starting point to keep scaling and perfecting your offers.

So other digital products may include: ebooks, reports, case studies, a series of videos, a webinar series, coaching series, informational series of guides, templates, ad campaigns, or anything else that can be created and delivered online. The reason why software and training are two of the most popular types of products is because customers on JVZoo are looking for solutions to help them either automate certain tasks, or upskill themselves. Software has the potential to help customers automate or save time doing certain tasks.

Training on the other hand, if positioned correctly can also be very valuable because people are always looking for a way they can replicate or take advantage of to reach their own success. Having said that, no matter what kind of digital product you decide to create and launch, you should always be aware of the customer: and ask yourself “what will make this product valuable for them?”.

Many times you’ll find that your digital product will start to take shape of a training or teaching product – passing on knowledge or skills you have to help someone else reach their goals faster.


The third and final type of product you may choose to launch on JVZoo are services. Services are not a popular type of product on JVZoo, and can sometimes be credited to being a digital product because of its nature.

When you sell a service, it’s not a physical book your customer can hold in their hand, nor is it a download they can click right after they purchase. Services are usually customized, so there is some organization required between sale and delivery.

Some services may include: a series of one-on-one coaching sessions offline or online, or a personalized strategy or template documents specifically for the customer’s business. As mentioned before, services are quite rare on JVZoo because this is the type of product that is usually reserved for sale on a personal website, however they make a great upgrade inside a sales funnel for a digital product, so you can most definitely plan to include a service to sell on JVZoo for customers who choose to upgrade to it.

So these are the different types of products that can be sold over JVZoo.

Now it’s your turn! COMMENT below with what kind of product do you plan on launching on JVZoo and why?
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