How To Be Awarded The Business Product of the Day

The Business Product Of The Day is chosen every day by the JVZoo committee who oversee popular products of the day. The benefit of becoming a Product Of The Day recipient is great because it means JVZoo will post a banner up about your product on their homepage, JVZoo will also email all their subscribers with your offer, and it gives your product credibility because JVZoo has awarded you with the honor that day.

There are two things you as a seller must do to ensure you have the best chances of having your product become noticed by JVZoo.

First of all, when creating your product listing inside JVZoo, you must tick the box where it asks if you wish for your product to be eligible to be named the Business Product Of The Day.

Secondly, if your product makes the most amount of sales on your launch date, your product is much more likely to become the Business Product Of The Day.

There are a few things to note about this step though:

– When scheduling your launch, it’s wise to schedule it on a day when there are the least amount of conflicts. If a big marketer is launching on that day, it’s best to steer clear of it as all affiliates and the JVZoo Product Of The Day is likely to go to them. Especially if you are starting out, it’s hard to compete on your first few launches.

– When you launch, you can view to see how well your product is performing that day by following this link: – the Business Product Of The Day Is usually announced in the morning in the Eastern Standard Timezone.

– If you were not awarded Product Of The Day on your launch day, it’s not the end of the world. Keep at it over your launch period. Sometimes, JVZoo have so many great products they want to recognize that they will schedule to promote a product a few days after it launches. Your job is to keep motivating affiliates to promote throughout your launch, and one of those days you may wake up to seeing some extra sales from JVZoo if they did decide to award it to you.

– If you were not awarded Product Of The Day, and your launch is over, don’t worry. By now, you would have learned a lot of skills necessary to run more launches, and have a shot at getting the recognition on another upcoming launch. Stay positive, and keep going.

There are many other factors that come into play with the Product Of The Day award. It is a great way of being recognized in the community, and getting a boost of sales, but at the end of day your focus should be on your affiliates and customers. Other launches will come, so stay positive and always do your best by your affiliates and customers – the recognition will come with time.

If you’d like to read more about how JVZoo choose Product of the Day, check out this page here:
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