Automatic Bonus Delivery: For Affiliate Marketers

When you become an affiliate for other sellers’ products, there are some things you can do to stand out from others promoting the same product. There is a strategy for this that you’ll find within JVZoo Academy, and it’s a popular technique used by many affiliates on JVZoo today: offering bonuses.

This strategy is simple: every single product that launches on JVZoo will have various affiliates promoting the same product. How can you stand out among all the affiliates?

The product costs the same for everyone, the access for the product will be the same for everyone, but you can always add something from yourself to make the offer that much more valuable and attractive for your customers.

The best way to do this is to offer bonuses as part of the sale your customers.
Some sellers offer bonuses of their own on their JV page that you can use in your promotions. However, following the same logic above, if every promoting affiliate used these bonuses, there’s no way to stand out.

So, the best way is to find or create your own bonuses. We cover creating and finding your own bonuses inside JVZoo Academy separately, so take a look inside there for help with this.

However, once you decide on what complementing bonuses you’d like to add to your promotion, you’re going to have to take a number of steps to promote them and ensure the customers that purchase through your link receive access to them.

What you’ll need to do is create a bonus page. This is a page that outlines information about the product being sold, may feature a review video from you reviewing what the product does, one or two buttons with your affiliate link that will take the visitor to the product’s sales page, and information about the bonuses you are offering to those that purchase the product at no extra cost – as long as they purchase using the affiliate link in the buy buttons on the page. This page should be created inside your page builder software. Once you’ve created your page, you can send your subscribers to that page, and they will use the button with your affiliate link to then be redirected to the product’s sales page and go on to purchase.

After this page has been created, you’ll need to clone it, and then remove all the information apart from the bonuses from it. Under each bonus, add in a button, linking to the download or access of the each promised bonus. If you are using bonuses provided by the seller, you’ll need to get these access links from the seller’s JV page or from the seller directly. If you are using your own bonuses, you should have uploaded the bonuses into your Amazon S3 account and made the links public, and then add this URL to link to the button for each particular bonus. This page is the delivery bonus page, so save it using a URL that won’t be easy to guess.

From here, JVZoo makes it really easy to give all customers that purchase through your link access to this page. You will need to go into your JVZoo account and navigate to the ‘Affiliates’ tab, and then click ‘Affiliate Bonuses’. On this page, click ‘Create New Bonus’ and select the product you are offering the bonuses for from the drop-down menu. The products listed in this menu will only show up with products you have been approved to promote by the affiliate, so be sure that you are approved for promotion first. Next, enter in the name of your bonus which might be ‘YOU NAME Bonus’ and then the URL of your delivery page in the corresponding box and click ‘Save Bonus’.

By going through these steps, you automate the delivery process for your customers who purchase the product through your link, so they will see a button that will lead them to your bonus delivery page from their purchases dashboard.

As a note, if you have customers getting in touch with you saying they did not receive your bonuses, be sure to ask them to check their purchases dashboard. Sometimes customers may not be aware that they can receive access to the bonuses through there, or sometimes something went wrong and they purchased through another affiliate or through no one at all. If this is the case, and they really want to get your particular bonuses, you may ask them to purchase again and send in both receipts to the product seller so they can refund their original purchase, retain their new product access, and have access to your bonuses.

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