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A quick compilation of some top tips we’ve found when it comes to Facebook Pages and gathering fans are laid out below. Share yours in the comments too!

1. Ensure your Short Description and Long Description have exact keywords for which you wish to be found. When users search for your expertise or business online, if you haven’t added this into these descriptions on Facebook, they are that much less likely to find you.

2. For businesses, we suggest your company logo to be your static profile photo…however, your Timeline photo can change month-to-month, or remain static. The trick to a great Timeline photo is to have a big image where there are lots of people; faces are what people draw to online in general, so use your Timeline image to show that people are at the epicenter of your business. You may also choose to use your Timeline Image as an ad for upcoming promotions, however do remember that only 20% of your image can be text, and shouldn’t be an outright advertisement. For example, stick to: Coming Soon: NAME OF PRODUCT for example and overlay this over an image of some people working, having fun – anything that will reflect your business and practices.

3. Every now and then go in to check where your fans are coming from; what gender they are, what country they reside in, what age group they’re in. All these statistics can be used to add inspiration about what to post which will mean more engagement if you are gearing it towards a certain group of people that already identify with you and your business.

4. Add your Facebook Page URL into your website and email signatures to inject some free marketing into every person that visits your site, or you get in touch with.

5. To make posts more engaging, write the action you want your readers to take – this will stand out and subconsciously get them to take action. You could say: LIKE if you agree, COMMENT below with your thoughts, or SHARE to pass this around. You’ll notice your engagement increase as you start doing this regularly in posts.

6. NEVER print a simple ‘Like us on Facebook’ on your business cards, promotional materials or website without adding the exact URL of your page. People simply do not have time for the link to take them to Facebook so they can search for you – make it easy for them and supply your Facebook URL whenever you are inviting people to become a fan in print or online.

7. Share viral content you see on your Home Feed. This will open you up to new fans, and make your page extra engaging if future visitors see that you are in tune with what’s happening in the world and its trends.

8. If you choose to run Facebook Ads, run a lifetime budget. A daily budget can quickly rake up, and Facebook is known for not always keeping to the limit; setting a daily budget puts you at the risk of either overpaying, or not showing your Page or Posts to enough people so while you end up underpaying, you won’t get the exposure you were counting on. Set smaller budgets, but set time frames for them. At the end of the campaign, you can always check to see who was most engaged with your Ad, and target a similar group of people for your next campaign. For example, if you notice that more men clicked on your ad, it would smart to target your next ad to men only. This is not to say that your female audience isn’t important – another campaign may prove more popular to them, but read the numbers in order to ensure your dollar is going further with any one campaign.

9. Invite your fans to share on your Page, or send you messages of what they’d like to share. For example a Page we created about parenting teens is popular in the sense that sometimes fans will reach out to us asking us to post a dilemma they are having anonymously so the Page’s audience can help them with it. This takes away work from you by ensuring you can spend less time on creating content, and re-sharing posts or messages to your Page instead.

10. Keep tabs on most popular posts and save these to recycle and post later on. Chances are, new fans in future will also engage with them, and your Page’s engagement will grow as a result.

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