The Best Way to Start on JVZoo

On JVZoo, you can really be three things: a customer, a seller, an affiliate.

You can read about these three accounts here:

Being a customer is a given – you may be a current customer of products being sold on JVZoo, a past customer or even a future customer, purchasing products to do market research or upskill in an area of business.

Being a seller means you will be creating and listing a product to sell on JVZoo, and pay commissions to affiliates who promote this product for you.
And being an affiliate means that you have a list of subscribers, or you know your way around online advertising, and you know how to send masses of traffic to your affiliate link. Visitors who decide to purchase through that link, go on to become a subscriber of the seller, and you receive usually about 50% of the price the visitor paid.

If you’re a member of JVZoo Academy, you’ll notice that there is a specific sequence advertised within the training about the fastest way to becoming a successful online business owner. The training suggests that the best strategy for someone starting out is to create a product, sell it, and then start to become an affiliate using the new list of customers you just built.

There is a reason for this strategy.

When you are starting out, if you’re very new, you are unlikely to have a product or a list of subscribers.

The benefit of creating a product is that you will be able to learn a lot about the industry in the process, and have the ability to research other sellers and their products while you create your own. The downside to starting as a seller is of course your time and money. It can take a long time to understand how to create a product, as well as all the marketing materials around it. If you choose a large or complex product as your first one, it will also take a lot of money to get it completed.

Starting as an affiliate has its benefits too: for starters, you don’t necessarily have to create a product! But, you must have a subscriber list, or be knowledgeable in getting masses of traffic. The ability to run many visitors who then go on to buy from a sales page is quite an art form, and even some of the top marketers and affiliates are yet to learn how to do this successfully. The issue with becoming an affiliate is the time it takes to build a substantial list. Building a list requires your time to build trust with every single subscriber, and usually this is done by either giving away or selling a product. If you’re going to be creating a product anyway, it would be logical to start by selling it on JVZoo first, and letting your customers become your subscriber list that you can use to suggest other related products for their lives or business.

So, here’s the simple strategy you will become more familiar with as you go through JVZoo Academy, JVZoo Premium, and the 60 Day Coaching Program if you get access to this:

Create a Product
Create Your Sales Marketing Materials
Connect with Affiliates To Promote Your Product
Launch Your Product On JVZoo
Export Your List Of Customers After Launch
Become An Affiliate By Suggesting Products Of Other Sellers To Your Customer List
Repeat The Process To Keep Growing Your List

This has proven to be a highly effective strategy for many online business owners on JVZoo, and you probably know that if you want to be successful, there is merit in following in the footsteps of those that are already successful.

The reality is that there are affiliates who use other traffic generation sources out there, and if you go through JVZoo Academy, you will find these within the training to help you along the way. You may choose to use some of these, or you may want to stay with the steps described above – this is totally up to you.

As you go through your online business journey on JVZoo, you’ll find that you will also have opportunities to scale your business by outsourcing some of these steps to free up your time to do other tasks, or simply dedicate more time to your life outside of business. In the first instance however, we highly urge you to do all the steps yourself, only outsourcing very technical tasks you cannot do without the help of a professional, so when it comes time to outsource, you know exactly how to give out tasks and review them.

So, what path are you going to go through on JVZoo? Being only a vendor, only an affiliate, or both? And where do you plan on starting? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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