List Building Tips

Here’s some of our favourites…if you know or think of any to add, share them with the readers in the comments below!

1. Put your sign-up page, website, product links, and social media networks URLs into your email signatures. Free advertising!

2. Ensure your sign-up boxes are in a prominent place on your website so your visitors get a call-to-action to subscribe to you in a visible place when they come to check out your website

3. Become active on industry pages on social media networks and remember to leave a small note about your newsletters and a call for people to sign up at the link in there. Reaching out to Pages can be done in two ways: posting on their Page, or Messaging the Page and asking them to post your content from their end so more of their fans will see it

4. At the bottom of your emails, add your sign-up link and invite your readers to share it with their friends so they can receive updates from you as well

5. Post your newsletter sign-up link in posts on your social media networks at least twice a week for extra exposure

6. Track your sign-up link through a third-party provider like – this site will show you how many people have clicked on your link, and what countries they came from. It will help you track conversions of how many people visited the page vs. how many signed up

7. When tracking your links, you will also be able to let the statistics tell you how much traffic you should be aiming for. So for example if out of every 10 people that visited the link, 2 signed up, you’ll know that you need to gather a list of 2,000 subscribers, your page needs to be seen by at least 10,000 people

8. On your sign-up page, make sure you follow our strategy of putting a video with a call to action, a headline and two boxes for the visitor to fill in their name and email address and then click the ‘sign up’ button

9. For engaging people to come onto your list, you may choose to run a competition on your social media networks. You can use a program like ZoSocial to make a competition where with one click your entrants will be automatically handing over their name and email address. Remember to add some text to say that entrants will be emailed by you, and after the competition is drawn, send an email to everyone to let them know who the winner is, and add a link to unsubscribe if they don’t wish to receive any more communication from you. Most of the time, hardly anyone will unsubscribe but it’s a legal and ethical requirement that you give them this option from the get-go

10. Contact other industry leaders with complementing products or services and ask if they would be interested in promoting your sign-up link to their subscribers, and the other way around. Usually it’s a win-win situation so it’s definitely worth a shot.

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