Brainstorming Your First Product

The hardest part is always the very start when you simply do not know what you should be creating, or where to start when planning what your product should be. In this post, we’d like to offer our suggestions, and spark a conversation in the discussion below about how you go about brainstorming your products.

First of all, you should make one big brainstorm on a piece of paper – preferably A3 or larger, or you can also use an online tool to help you plan it.

In the middle, write down your niche – is it internet marketing, or dog training, or dancing, or cooking? What is the topic or industry you have the knowledge and interest in, that you can contribute to with content in the online sphere?

Let’s take Making Money Online as our base topic for example purposes here.
From here, start drawing branches about all the different types of topics that come out of here. For our example of making money online, it would be things like: list generation, social media, video marketing, product launches, affiliate marketing, and so on.

From each of these branches, elaborate on them – for example in the sub-topic of List Generation, the extra branches may be: free report, autoresponders, promotion on social media, affiliate marketing, follow-up sequences, traffic sources, and so on.

Now you’re getting more detailed about what you know about each of these sub-topics. This will help when you start creating your product.

Next, you need to take a look at what sub-sub-topics may be the biggest problems for people interested in your larger topic online. In this case, we would imagine one of the most interesting topics from the sub-sub-topics we listed would be traffic sources: traffic is a key component to successful list building, and the solution to this problem can be created in a number of ways.

For example, Traffic Sources at the core of your interest for a product launch may be a report about, say, 20 different traffic sources or ways of growing your list. Or, you can also look at creating a plugin for WordPress to capture every visitor to a WordPress site to become a lead automatically. Or, you may choose to plan further and create a software that would funnel through traffic from around the web to a particular page. Now this is where it gets exciting. Which of these options do you have the time and means to start creating? If you are and plan on working alone, of course a report or training about traffic sources may be the easiest and most efficient way for you to get out into the launches market. But if you feel you have the knowledge and time to actually build a tool or software or plugin by hiring someone online to create this for you, this can also be a good option.

Personally, I and many other marketers started with our first product being a training or report created through our knowledge of what we knew to date at the time of launching. It won’t be a 6 or even a 5 figure launch, but it definitely has the potential to get you a few hundred or thousand dollars, plus a bigger list for you to promote others and your future products later on.

That isn’t to say that developing a software should be your priority as your first launch. The reality is that it will still be a learning curve for you and you risk spending a lot of time and money you didn’t anticipate with a small launch result. Test your first launch by creating something more simple that you can solely make, as the key in your first launch will be to understand the process of what goes into a launch so that next time you know what to expect, and can calculate what you can do differently, and start experimenting with more substantial products or software to launch.

Anyway, so that’s the key basics around brainstorming your first product when you have absolutely no inspiration. So go on, have a try!

Another few tips you may find useful if brainstorming doesn’t get you close to the end goal…
– Spend time researching what’s available out there, and look for gaps into the market
– Spend time on online forums listening to your market and industry about what’s missing
– Take inspiration from products that launch – see what disappointed customers about popular products and try use this as inspiration for your own product
– Ask friends in business what they would pay money to have access to
– Keep up-to-date with top internet marketing and business websites and magazines
– Ask your subscribers what they would like to see in the market

List your ideas or how you like to get through the brainstorming stages in the comments below!

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