How to Find Winning Affiliate Promotions

Chances are that people on your subscriber list are at different places in their business. Many are probably still starting out and don’t really know what they want, while others may probably be looking for specific tools and training to upgrade their already successful business.

A good place to look for products to promote is:
Take a look at the JV page vendors have set up.
These are already a good indication of what the sales page might look like or there might be a sales page preview already available.
A professional looking JV or sales page speaks something about the effort that is being put in the promotion of the offer.

You might want to check out the “Big launches” on the left column.

What are “Big Launches”?
“Big Launches are from vendors with a good reputation in the community who consistently do high profile big launches that get a lot of attention – it represents the biggest launches happening in the IM space. It is not a representation of the size or success of a business, simply whether the launches are likely to be big and from reputable vendors.
Big launches are shown on the left hand side of the Muncheye homepage, and highlighted in blue.
As an affiliate this helps you identify big launches which are going to deliver you solid results and come from a reputable vendor.”

The key to creating winning affiliate promotions comes down to 3 things: Filtering + Angle + Relationship

Filtering means making sure you offer the right product to the right audience at the right time.
Do you remember how did the subscriber got on your list in the first place? This is important. For example if they joined your list because you showed them a strategy for using Google and Youtube to rank high and get free traffic, then you’ll probably get most success by promoting Youtube and SEO related products to them. Segment your subscribers. Also, if you are promoting a product related to a certain area of IM that you haven’t shown you have any skill at, chances are your subscribers won’t react well to that promotion. The best thing to do to gain authority in a certain area is to launch a product related to it.

The angle is the reason someone purchases from you and not from somebody else. Finding a good angle is key as there is not much sense in even mailing your subscribers unless you have a good angle for the product you are promoting. Angle might be a bonus, a strategy or even a special discount you were able to negotiate with the vendor of the product. It doesn’t have to be unique but it has to be good.
A good way to go about this is to add to the product/offer in order to increase it’s value. For example if it’s a software that creates improvement reports for local businesses, a good idea for an angle might be to add a bonus software for finding quality info on local businesses in the first place. Obviously it’s not realistic to expect to have a bonus software like that for every promotion you do. What you can do to make it easier for you is ask the vendor of the product you are promoting is they have any bonuses you can use on your bonus page or choose your own bonus from websites such as: or The bonus doesn’t have to be a software, it could be training, a webinar or simply a crucial information missing that could help your subscribers make money. You are basically adding something to help your subscribers make money more easily by combining the offer and your bonus. White label software’s are very popular these days and a great way to bring up the value of the offer. Again, you can ask the vendor if they have any White Label bonuses available that you can use or you can of course use your own, if you have a White Label software related to the offer you are promoting.

Scarcity is a very useful weapons that can also be used when planning your angle. People tend to purchase on emotion, not so much on logic. If you present a limited time frame for them to make a buying decision, combined with a value increasing bonus, they are more likely to make the purchase.

Relationship with your list is of great importance and is something you need to be working on constantly. One of the ways to build a good relationship with your list is to give honest and informative reviews/demos of the products you are promoting and not just blindly promoting the product by not giving any additional info your subscribers can get just by visiting the sales page.

In conclusion, here are 5 things a good product promotion needs:
– a clear angle
– a good product
– good demonstration/review of the software
– bonus package that adds value for your subscribers
– scarcity – always ask the vendor if they are running an “early bird” pricing and rising the price after it expires. This would be a price scarcity. You can also use a bonus scarcity where you present a limited time frame for your bonus page visitors to take action in order to receive your bonus.

Check to see you have all these elements set in place before you run you put your affiliate link in and run the promotion.
Follow this plan consistently and your subscribers will love you and reward you with loyalty.

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