Internet Marketing For Beginners: Where To Start

So you’ve decided to devote yourself to become an online business owner. Or maybe you had a bright idea about a new product, and you want to see whether it takes you to the heights of internet marketing.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a change, and, well, let’s face it – the world isn’t going to feed you while you “find yourself” so you’ve found yourself looking at online get-rich-quick schemes and they all sound…well, fake (because they are!).

No matter what brought you to our neck of the woods, the good news is that online marketing has had its doors open to all for a very long time. In fact, the doors were flung open as soon as computers became the norm, and online shopping replaced real shopping. Yes, it’s true – we live in a digital world, so like any rational human being, it’s only fair that once or twice the thought crossed your mind: “What if I can make a living online?”.

So, let’s say you have decided: you want to create an online business and go through all the exciting opportunities that come with it. Where do you start? First of all, you’re reading this post! That’s a good start. It means you’ve found your way into our forum – go through and read the others for starting out online business owners, read through the comments, and add in your own. Right now your brain is the ‘jar’ that needs to be filled with facts, figures, thoughts and opinions about what online marketing is, and what choices you have before you.

The next stages are simple: follow our recently released JVZoo Academy training. It will take you by the hand and show you the way. But before you do, of course you should know exactly what awaits you in the training so you can prepared to take on the workload, so here is a break down. You don’t have to go through the training to put this into action of course if you know how to, but it will definitely help. So here are the steps:

Decide, and make a mental note for yourself that you want to run an online business. Hopefully that is ticked.

Next, look at all the wonderful things you know and the skill set you have. Obsess over these things, and look online to see if there is a niche you can slot your intelligence into and bring value to those searching for answers you have about the topic!

Now you’re ready to set up your business – you’ll need a name, logo, legal paperwork and so on. This shouldn’t take long because the next step will be exciting.

Next, it’s time to start creating your first product and finding a marketplace to launch it on. This step will take some time – the product should be made with a lot of added value, and of course the search for the right marketplace may take some time. On this marketplace, you’ll also need to find people who will be willing to promote your product.

After you do this, you’ll have a database of customers who you know are interested in your topic, so your money making efforts continue: check out, review and recommend products in your topic or complementing niches and promote them to your list. This will give you the financial resources to start working on your next launch.

Lastly, pay attention to your support desk, use social media as a means of gathering leads, and repeat the launch and promote process over and over again. Over time, you would have perfected your own system in your niche, and you will be able to start recruiting staff to help with the tasks, and maybe even one day run seminars, masterminds, and training programs teaching others what you learned.

Here it is – plain and simple. Yes, it will take time, and of course there is going to be work. But remember: there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme – everything requires work, and while if you are quick, you will be able to see results through this system within a matter of months, for others it may take longer. Take it one day at a time – do your research, use your skills, and most importantly: have fun!

Comment below with what you think, where you want to start, and if you are ready to come on this ride and become a full time online business owner!

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