How to Put Together a Winning Promotion

Here’s the steps we strongly advise all marketers to follow when putting together a promotion:

1. Do your research on a launch schedule site like and choose 2-5 promotions over the next 1-2 weeks to promote. Keep an eye on what platform they are launching on; make sure you are registered to promote on that platform. Look at the products; is the JV Page ready? Is the sales page made professionally? Is the product going to help customers with a genuine challenge? Once you promote enough launches, you’ll also have an eye for the types of products your list is more likely to buy, and which marketers have more quality and higher-converting products so you’ll learn who and what to promote with due time to be more efficient with your promotions and have them geared to convert.

2. Once you have compiled a list of which products you’d like to promote, visit each of their JV Pages and on these pages you will be able to do three things:
a) sign up to receive email notifications about the launch – this is important so you can get updates about coupons, discounts, launch times or delays, inspiration for swipes, and updates about bonuses and everything else
b) download a bonus page or bonuses you can use for the promotion – some do not offer this, but those that do, grab this info as you will be able to use it for your promotion
c) contact details of the creators – use these details to connect with the creators and ask them for information in the next step

3. Now is the time to start compiling information for your promotion. Some of this information should be readily available on the JV Page, but usually you will need to ask for some of it if it’s not on there. The information you are going to need is the following:
– Sales page preview
– Sales video
– Demo video
– Early bird details – time, any coupons or discounts
– Where to get the affiliate link
– Bonuses on offer, their description & images and download links
– Review copy for your email (send them your email especially if they need to set you up with access from their end if it’s not a downloadable product)

After you have all this information, it’s time to start compiling your bonus page!

4. Most marketers will tend to use the bonus page that the creators provide for them and just put their affiliate link in there. While you may choose to do this, it’s always a good idea to create your own bonus page because other people promoting the product may be using the stock-standard page and this will ensure you will be lost within the flurry of emails your customers will receive when the product goes live. So in order to create your own page, you need to open up your page creator and start compiling all the information you have:

– Copy the headline from the creators’ sales page to the top of your bonus page
– Add in some bullet points about what the product actually is or what it does on the right or the left side under the headline
– On the other side of the bullet points, add in a review video of yours. You may choose to put in the creators’ sales video, or their demo video in here but if you have the time, we strongly recommend you create your own review video – have you speaking to a camera at the start and then get into the demo, or start the demonstration of the product straight away on your computer using the review access you were given. Bonus points if you’ve had enough time to actually use the software for your own business so you can show some results you have achieved already with it. If you’re low on time, you can have you speaking to the camera or in a computer screen share, and then edit in the demo video from the creators to follow your introduction. Export this video, upload it into YouTube or Amazon S3 and add it to your bonus page under the headline, next to the bullet points.
– Next add in your affiliate link so your customers can buy right after they’ve watched the video. Add in information about the coupon code if there is any
– Next, add in a number of headlines and under them screenshots or videos from the sales page to give your page visitors more information about the product
– Below this, add in a headline to announce your bonus package and list out each bonus under a separate header
– Finish off your page with another button with your affiliate link so people can buy after they have read through all the product and bonus information
– Under this, you can opt to put in instructions for your customers about how they will receive access to your bonuses. We will usually write that these will be located inside their JVZoo account, but if you use a different service, you may want to ask your customers to, for example, email a certain email address in order to get access.

5. After creating your bonus page, you’ll need to save it, and then clone it. After cloning it, remove everything above the bonus headers, and insert buttons to download each bonus under each bonus description. Save this page and make it a URL that cannot be easily guessed. This will be the page you will direct customers who purchased to, in order to get access to your promised bonuses. If you’re using JVZoo or an equivalent marketplace, there is usually a page called “Affiliate Bonuses” under the ‘Affiliate’ tab – go there, create a new bonus delivery entry, find the product you are promoting from the list and add in the URL to your access page as the delivery page. Now everyone who purchases through your affiliate link will automatically receive this URL so they can get access to your bonuses

6. Lastly, you will need to schedule in your emails about this promotion. You have two options here: write your own email, or copy the email swipes that were given to you by the product creators. Product creators usually have a good idea of what kind of emails will convert, however you also don’t want to be lost among all the other lazy marketers that also copied the creators’ emails word-by-word. We have a number of email templates we recommend for any product promotion inside our Kickstart Guides that convert well for us every time, and until you are confident enough to write your own email from scratch, we suggest using these or re-writing the emails provided to you by the creators. Remember just to put your bonus page URL of the page you created in one of the previous steps instead of a direct affiliate link: a direct affiliate link will take your readers directly to the creators’ sales page, and they won’t see your awesome review or bonuses and may not buy.

Ideally, you should send at least two emails: one 2-3 hours before the launch goes live, and one just at the time as the launch goes live. Write these emails, and then go into your email client such as Aweber or GetResponse, and create a new text email. Copy and paste your email body in there, add a subject line to your emails, and then schedule them in.

7. Technically, now you are done so you just have to sit back and wait for the launch to go live. But…things always go wrong in launches, so if you are able to, be online about 30 minutes before the launch goes live so you can keep an eye on your inbox in case the creators send an email to say the launch has been delayed. Furthermore, as the clock strikes on the hour for the launch time, go and check your affiliate link to ensure it is redirecting you to the official sales page – this will mean the launch is live. If it redirects to a page where it says that the launch is ‘coming soon’ it may mean that the creators forgot to change over the links, or the launch is delayed, in which case you will need to quickly get on Skype or Facebook or email to ask the creators what’s happened, and if your emails have already been sent to your list through your email client, you may need to send a follow-up email to update them if the launch time has in fact changed. But this is not the only reason you should be online. When your emails go out, check that all your URLs in your email and bonus page are all redirecting properly to where they need to go. And of course, be at your inbox to answer any potential customer enquiries.

That’s it! Best of luck with your promotions!

And to get a conversation going, what’s the hardest part in this process?

Will you be following it?

Or what shortcuts do you think you could take to have the process take up less of your time?

Post any questions or comments below!

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