How to Write a Quality Product Review

First thing to keep in mind when doing a product review is that you are providing value to the reader by giving them an in depth view of the product and pointing out what you liked and didn’t like about the product as well as if something simply didn’t quite work the way it supposed to as it was stated on the sales page.

You do not want to simply copy somebody else or copy and paste the text from the JV or the sales page because this would render your review completely useless. People can read the sales page and watch the videos on the sales page themselves.

It is the Vendors job to present the product in the best light possible. This is not your job as the reviewer. So what is your job as the reviewer? In short, the truth. Meaning show just the facts about the product and what you liked and disliked, while avoiding the hype that is commonly present on the sales page.

The first thing to do is to choose which product you want to promote and is a good place to look into this.

When deciding which product to promote, have a general idea in mind “who is this product for?” Why? Well because you will want to target your audience and promote it to the part of your list you know is interested in it. We talked about segmenting your list and remembering how they got on your list in the first place. Was it Youtube related, Facebook, offline marketing etc..

When you found a product you want to promote, the second thing you need to do is ask the Vendor for review access. One thing that really helps with this is your review blog. If you don’t have one, go on and create one and write up 3-5 reviews on it so that you have something to show to Vendors when asking for review access. You can create those reviews from the products you already own, simply pretend they just recently launched and create the reviews.

I do suggest you pick a software because they convert better and are easier to review actually. To review a course, you would need to go through all of the videos inside it.

When asking for review access here is a template you can use when contacting the Vendor of the product.

“Hi (VENDORS NAME), my name is (YOUR NAME), I am an affiliate marketer and I’m writing a regular IM review blog at
Your product looks (awesome/very good/very interesting). Was wondering if review access would be possible as I would really like to bring this review in front of people as well.”
After you get review access thank them for the access and apply for your affiliate link approval. Keep in mind JVZoo has limited characters space you are allowed to put in this section. You can use something like this:

“Hi it’s (YOUR NAME), I am a student of Sam Bakker.
I plan to do a blog post:
advertise on FB:
and social media
rank on Youtube: (YOUR CHANNEL URL HERE)
Would really appreciate it! Thanks!”

Ok so now you got review access, you got your affiliate approval. Time to do the review.

You’re gonna have to use some sort of screen capture tool that allows you to record your screen of course.
There are free ones you can use like: Jing or screencast-o-matic and one of the most popular paid solution is definitely Camtasia. The one I’ve been using lately is called Filmora and it is significantly less expensive than Camtasia and does a really good job as well.

You can either record your self through the webcam while simultaneously recording your screen or you don’t have to if you feel too shy. Shyness will go away however because you will be following a template when doing your review, so there will be no guess work for you.

First thing you need to do when reviewing a software is go inside and push all the buttons. You will do this prior to recording the actual review.

You will bring the most value to your subscribers if you test everything that’s possible to test. You are doing them a favor. Imagine if after watching/reading your review, they purchase the product and realize there is something you left out of your review that is simply not working for them and they decide to refund. This is just a hassle for everyone involved. So to keep this as low as possible, you need to test and show off the product as much as possible. So don’t be afraid to push all the buttons and ask the vendor some questions.

Your review should definitely include Pros and Cons and your personal summary. If you have a tool that can rate certain aspects of the product such as. Pricing, Concept, Value, Execution etc.. use that tool. If not just give a general opinion of the product in your Personal Summary.

The Video Review
Here’s how to start:
“Hi guys (YOUR NAME) here and today I am reviewing (PRODUCT NAME) which is a (web based app for creating…)”
for example

You will need to mention:
Who is it for?
What they’ll learn?
What benefits does the product bring?
If there’s a member’s area, show them around the member’s area + the bonuses they are getting.
Try to keep it as short as possible. Around 10 minutes. This is sometimes difficult to accomplish, depending on the complexity of the product.

Always give your honest unbiased opinion on the product.

You can finish up with:
“Hope you enjoyed this review, if you have any questions, please post them below and I’ll do my best to answer them. See you next time, bye bye” for example.

If you’ve learned something here today and you’d like to find out more about how you can get paid by JVZoo to write reviews for software, sign up for a video series with Sam Bakker that’s going to show you how. All you need to do is visit and sign up for free today!

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