Brainstorming Upgrades For Your Product

Upgrades for your products should come as a natural extension of what exactly you are trying to help your customers with. Never create a product that won’t work as advertised without the upgrade. Rather see the upgrades as a way to enhance the results that your customers can expect to get when using the product you sell them.

Here are some winning ideas for upgrades that are likely to work well for you in your launch:

An Agency Package – offer rights to use the product for heavy commercial purposes, or a number of staff, as well as extra training or resources about how to use this product to sell the benefits it provides to other clients, and not just use it for yourself personally

A Whitelabel Package – offer rights for your customers to rebrand the tool and sell it from their own name! As you can appreciate it takes time and sometimes a lot of money to create good quality tools. You can price this package a bit higher towards the $100+ mark as your customers will appreciate that the ’hard yards’ have been done for them, and all they need to do is go out there and sell!

A Training Package – adding an extra package of training about a complementing topic to your product. For example, if your product is a tool that helps with leads on social media, your training topic may be how to make money with social media, or how to gain new clients and use the tool for them to help make money

A Webinar Package – offer a set amount of webinar training. This may or may not be part of the above package where you train your audience about a particular complementing topic to something they just bought. Webinar packages are great because they are live, and they tend to be valued by customers as they can keep returning back to the recordings again and again as they implement what you teach

Another Product – another, different product can also be an upgrade. Just make sure it’s in line with the topic or industry of the product you’re selling

What other upgrades do you like within sales funnels? Or what ones are you planning on using in your next launch? COMMENT below!

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