6 Ways a Page Builder Can Make Your Life Easier

Ok, so tools and software are here to help us with certain tasks. To automate processes that you would otherwise do manually.

So let’s say you’re starting out as an affiliate marketer. Apart from choosing a product to promote, getting review access, writing/recording the review, getting approved as an affiliate…there is a “small” matter of creating your bonus page for example.

To be honest it would be a gigantic waste of time if you’d need to set this up for every promotion that you do. So, what helps? A good page builder with templates and not just any old templates, your personalized templates.

You want to automate the process as much as you can but keep your personal touch on the whole thing. That’s why systems set in place help out a lot to save you time, money and some nerves as well 🙂

Ok so when using a page builder for your bonus pages, you can be done within an hour or less. What I also found that helps is a stopwatch that you will use every time to try and beat your previous time while setting up your bonus page. This is just a game that is actually used to keep you going and be efficient in the process of customizing your template for that particular promotion.

What I like to do and have found many top marketers do as well, is start off with a not too hyped up headline and a sub-headline. If you have your review video ready, place it underneath the headline.

My personal touch includes likes and dislikes and a personal summary of the product as well. Just in case somebody is interested, I like to include the official demo of the product as well further along the page.

What I definitely like to include is the funnel description and bonuses toward the end of the bonus page and basically set up a navigation bar that scrolls to these sections of the page when a visitor clicks on them.

An important aspect not to be left out is the mobile look of your page. So you want to make sure you are using a page builder like Igloo that has a built in mobile builder that makes it easy for you to get the mobile page just right.

So my suggestion is to set everything up for your first bonus page affiliate promotion and then simply use that template and build on it as you get new ideas that will save you, even more, time and make the page more appealing to your visitors.

Here are the benefits of a page builder outlined for you:

1. You don’t have to build it from scratch every time using HTML for example which basically saves you the nerves and a quite real possibility of giving up entirely.

2. You don’t have to hire someone to do it for you and spend money there.

3. Saves you time

4. Easy integration – usually these page builders come with a simple way to publish your pages or integrate them with your WordPress blog/website. Because it is a little bit on the techy side if you were to create your own pages in HTML and then publish them via Cpanel or FTP.

5. Save even more time and money by outsourcing the use of your page builder as opposed to having someone create it for you from scratch.

6. Peace of mind – knowing that you can always go ahead and make any changes on the fly by visiting your page sure does mean a lot. Imagine having to contact the person who created the page when you need something done immediately and finding out they are unavailable at the moment.

Which page builder do you use? Don’t tell me you don’t use them, oh you gots to, you just gots to.

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