Structuring Your Sales Videos – PART 1

How to create sales videos that convert effectively. Well first of all, don’t leave it to a software to write your video script for you. It is far better to learn the systematic approach when creating your sales videos.

Here we go…


Start of with testimonials right of the bat. You can get testimonials from beta testers, reviewers, past customers or you can “borrow proof” from news and the big companies in the industry that use the same strategy. Choose the sentences that best sum up the benefits of the product from those testimonials while keeping in mind that best reviews mention specific results.

Continue with the Logo Intro. If you own any of the Intro/Logo video animation software, you can use that or you can simply go to Fiverr and pay someone to create the intro for you.

Now would be a good time to start showing specific things like income screenshots, traffic stats, rankings, basically showing proof. What you want to do is to get viewers to imagine those results.

Next you want to basically present yourself as the authority on the topic by showing them and talking about what you have achieved that they want as well. So this basically ties in with showing the proof.

To finish of the first portion, ask a question. Something along the lines of “How would you like to…?” which will start to create positive expectancy that ties into the next section.

In this section it is best to create “positive expectancy” and talk about the end result and how the customer is going to benefit from it. You can create a quick reference of proof here as well. Use the word “secret” in this section if you can.

You also want to take away any objections they might have about why it won’t work and relieve them of responsibility. You can do this by saying something along the lines:
“I know you might be concerned this won’t work for you because of experience, but take a look at Mark. He was a complete beginner and look at the results he got. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you as well, if you failed in the past, it’s not you’re fault. You just haven’t been shown the correct strategy…”

You want to make them feel good and with a positive outlook and take away the blame away from them. Even if it is their fault, it is best not to structure it that way. So what you can do is sort of redirect the blame for past failures onto a “common enemy”. You might wanna use something along the lines of: “most gurus out there don’t want you to make it. They just want to keep feeding you an incomplete product after product that you buy and end up with the Shiny Object Syndrome.”

In the big picture this is a very bad situation for the marketplace that was recognized by JVZoo, which is the reason why JVZoo Academy was created.

You can then continue to strengthen your authority and position yourself as their friend, which you are. So restate the results you got here and show them another look at the proof.

After this you want to present your before and after situation.

Tell your story in a way that is relatable to their current situation where you can describe how you were before you were successful. This way they will see: “ok he/she was once like me and he/she made it using this strategy.”

Next comes your current situation and the success you achieved. Keep in mind it’s ok to say it took work but it most likely won’t look appealing to the viewer if you state it only took hard work. The reason for this is that people tend to believe there is something to figure out, like a secret trick or something. So don’t say they didn’t make it because they don’t simply work hard enough, rather mention how did you figured it out.

This might seem misleading to some, but keep in mind you are doing this so that more people will get in contact with your quality product. They need guidance and motivation to go on and do the work and if they relate to you in your “before” situation, they will feel more motivated to make the purchase and take action because of “positive expectancy”.
Don’t make up a story, rather look back and find a moment that you can describe as a “lucky break”.

Describe your current situation: freedom, money etc…You basically want to invoke their emotions and ignite their imagination on how their life can be.

Describe the big revelation and how it changed everything for you. This is where you can show more proof which was a direct result of using “The Recipe”.

Watch out for Part 2 coming soon!

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