Structuring Your Sales Videos – PART 2

How to create sales videos that convert effectively. See Part 1 here:

In this phase you want your viewers to realize and keep imagining the results they will have by implementing your product. You can say things like: “What would your life look like if…” “How would your business change if…” again, you are building that “positive expectancy” and getting them excited about the end result. Go deep and try to tie in their personal life as well. “Will you have more time for your family?” “Would you stop stressing out, relax and enjoy yourself more?” Emotions.

Now is the time to show the value of your product by comparing how much they would struggle if they were to do it all by themselves using trial and error. Where if they simply implement the strategy, your product is offering they can get the desired result much easier. Again, you are presenting yourself as someone who’s trying to help them, their friend and showing the value of your product at the same time.

You are basically telling your audience why they need your product. How it reveals a successful process, makes it easier for them, gives them the edge over the competition and practically guarantees results if they follow the strategy.

You might notice a little up and down pattern evolving in a sense of lifting their spirits and bringing them down again. This is done in an effort to make the viewers realize the benefits of your product in comparison if they were to do it themselves.

Remember that popular quote from Alber Einstein: “Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results” You might wanna mention something like that right about now, saying: “You can continue doing what you’re doing and nothing will change, but you won’t have this problem if you…” so you see this up and down pattern.

This is where you reveal your product, “introducing (Your Product Name)” and then put the best benefits/results your product offers right after that. What does the product allow you to do? You can also refer to this as the hook. You’ve prepared them with the previous sections and now you are presenting the solution. So state up to 5 benefits and move once again to the positive expectancy part

Try and use math to make it obvious for them that it is possible. They might not believe it’s possible but if you lay it out using math to prove it, then it clicks in and they will look at it from a different perspective and you will shoot down any objections or disbelief they might have.

This is where you reveal the price. “I’m sure you’re wondering what’s the investment…” then you don’t reveal it quite just yet. What you can do is say something along the lines: “Well, I’m so glad you asked because here’s why…” then you can start the “price countdown”. I’m sure you’ve seen these on TV, but here’s a style you can use to do it in. “People told us we should charge $$$ for this….and considering the results, this sounds like a great deal.” You want them to justify this higher price when they put it side by side the results they can get.

Next, you wanna invite them to verify the proof. So if it’s about ranking videos on Youtube, tell them to go to Youtube and type in the key phrase into the search bar and have a look for themselves.

Use scarcity and talk about how rare this opportunity is. Don’t use fake scarcity, so if you say you will take this offer down, then do indeed take it down. Or if you say the price will jump then raise the price after the time period expires.

After this you might wanna “sweeten the deal” even more by increasing the value of the offer with added bonuses. Make sure the bonuses are related and will help them get to their goal faster/easier. You can say something along the lines: “This is what you’re getting and if you do what we tel you to do, you will get that desired outcome.”

Lower the price by saying: “Well you won’t pay that…” and you need to do this in a way that doesn’t devalue your product, because people will wonder, “why is he/she lowering the price? Is it not that good?” So you wanna be careful here and lower the price for them by actually adding value to the offer and the way you do this is by presenting the launch itself as a special event. “You are here during this special launch event which is why you get to take advantage of our limited time offer…” or “We want you to get results so we can present you on the sales page and charge more in the future..”

The only thing left to do is offer a money back guarantee and remove all the risk for them. “We get it you’ve been burned before, that’s why we offer…to make this a real no-brainer for you so you have nothing to lose”.

Final call to action where you can use the already mentioned Einsteins popular quote and let them know they have 2 paths to choose from at this point. Keep doing what they’re doing and experience the same result or grab the special offer, implement it and see the results they desire.

Something that will really help your sales are video reviews for the purpose of social proof. Never hire someone to do this for you. What you can do is give away a few copies of your product in exchange for testimonials. Post it on your Facebook, other social media accounts you might have and of course, you can email to your subscriber list in case you have one. It is also a good idea to ask for feedback. This shows that you are listening to your customers and working on improving the product.

People might be uncomfortable with doing a video review so what you can do is just ask for a text review and let them know in the member’s area that if they deliver a video review, you will grant them access to one of the upgrades of your product.

Whichever number you are aiming to hit with reviews you receive, double the copies you give away because not all with respond with a review. Follow up with them a couple of times to remind them. Social proof is a huge tool to help you make more sales so definitely remember to do this.

In case you don’t have a following on social media or simply don’t want to post something like this on your Facebook wall, you can use JVZoo Academy Facebook group to give away free copies in exchange for testimonials as long as there is no opt-in required in order to receive your product and you are not collecting their emails.

Another thing you can implement in your sales videos are cool and impactful background music. You can use audiojungle for this where you can actually search the archive by moods. A good rule of thumb is that wherever you are introducing the product, back it up with uplifting music track and if you go into more details presenting the features of the product, you can tone it down a bit. Try using the same audio track from the beginning of the video at the very end of the video to sort of give the audience a sense of closure because it has been shown that people don’t like the feeling of something not being finished, so this will do that for them.

If you type in “NCS sounds” it should pop out a music channel with no copyright music you can use in your videos as well.
Audioblocks is another site you can visit and check out what they have to offer.

Well, I hope you picked up some useful info here today. If you learned something and would like to learn more about how you can get paid by JVZoo be sure to check out Sam’s awesome video series that’s going to show you how to do just that.

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