10 Helpful Video Content Creation Tools

We can all pretty much agree that video slaps us whichever web location we may visit. It’s where it’s at today.

Check out some facts even psychologists are bringing up regarding video. It is easier for people to emotionally connect with video content vs text content…oh crackers, perhaps I should be recording myself instead of writing this to you guys…people are about 40% more likely to share your content via video and the little grey thingy in our heads processes video 60 freakin’ thousand times faster.

Tools are here to of course help us with our marketing. The better the tools, the higher quality of content you can produce. So here are several tools below to give you some fire power under the hood.

Creation Tools

1. Wirecast
If video is the most popular marketing “sport” today, then we can say that Live video is the best player within that sport. Wirecast could be called the go-to tool for placing live streams directly to platforms like Facebook Live and Twitter, using effects like transitions and animated titles to make them more engaging.

2. Videoshop
This is a user-friendly app that allows you to give your videos a personal touch such as subtitles, slow motion effects, voice-overs and easily share them with your friends, cousins, fans…ok, you get the point. This can be a nice way of showcasing your products or services using video. Samsung did a video ad promo that increased brand awareness by 25% just another example that video works.

Light bulb tools

3. Placeit
2,500 technology themed templates that allow you to insert both images and videos. For example if you are planning on making a video on techy techy stuff, this site can help you get the creative juices flowing.

4. ContentIdeator
Just a sec for me to recover from that word combo…ok, so ContentIdeator allows you to take advantage of the next big thing as it searches for trending content using data-driven insights into content performance across all key channels to deliver intelligent solutions. You will get content analysis and impact stats based on your filtering, so you can use it to search what’s currently popular on YouTube for example.

Editing Tools

5. Magisto
Big fan of this one, used it a lot in my local fitness business. You can use it for video creation although it’s true power lies within video editing. This tool uses algorithms and scans through your selected content to find the best parts of your videos and/or photos and then continues to create your video by mashing them up and allowing you to add music, effects and choose from ready-made templates/themes. This is all done very quickly and it’s very simple to use as well. You can use it to create videos that emphasize special events such as award ceremonies, marketing summits, seminars and so on… It truly makes video creation a walk in the park.

6. Youtube’s video editor
This flash based tool has all the basic tools to have your video done just the way you like it before publishing it live. Adding audio or still images, titles, transitions to help you differentiate sections of your video. Or, in case you don’t have just enough content, you can use Creative Commons licensed videos to amplify your video.
You can look at this tool as a decent introduction to the world of video editing possibilities.

Promotion Tools

7. Promolta
Allota Promotta is the name of this baby…ok, I had to do that, khm…
This is a self serving advertising platform used by more than 20,00 video marketers that allows you to promote your YouTube videos to 10,00 blogs, websites and other platforms. It also allows you to filter your target audiences by age, gender and location. Beside views you can also go for likes and comments, subscribers or app installs.

8. Stacker
Stalker…I mean Stacker allows you to post your across multiple social media accounts and get notified via their universal inbox. Built in scheduler is also available, and it gives you the possibility to study video trends which will give you insight to when your video gets more engagement than usual.

9. JustReachOut
This tool allows you to reach out to independent journalists and bloggers in case your video has a message worthy of a larger audience. You can use templates to speak favorably about your video and the tool will search for professionals narrowing the search by set parameters including keywords, niche and publications. You can receive real time notifications in your inbox when they find journalists that match your search. Integrated tracking also lets you know when recipients open your pitch.

10. Circulate it
CirculateIt allows you to share your video inside a blog post with your coworkers, it compresses everything into an easy to digest style email. The recipients can then of course forward this email or post them across social media.

In the world where no marketer goes without video…yes I intentionally made this sound like an action movie teaser. In any case, if you’re not using video in your marketing, now is the time to start. It might amaze you what kind of results you can achieve by using these easily accessible tools.

Ok, now just imagine you saw a video of this article and haven’t actually read it…there you go. Awesome! Thanks.

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