The Right “Ingredia” for Your Social Media

With the rise of the machines and ever-changing trends, social media has become something quite difficult to keep up with and stay on top of the marketing game. Your customers keep you on your toes, they want more results and they want them the day before yesterday…Well, not stressful at all 🙂

Social media has lost its status of a cool “gadget” business like to play with or even a necessary evil…it has now evolved into a serious business tool and businesses have started to realize this and use it as an actual marketing tool to grow their business (thank God this is happening in my country as well finally you savages, yes it’s the 21st century, thank you! Ok, letting off some steam there!

What these businesses still haven’t quite got the hang of is not only using social media to promote their business but actually interact with them. This, of course, is not using the power of SM to its full potential.

So here are some tippy tips to get your SM efforts going in the correct direction. SM seems kinda naughty right right? Ok, moving on:

– Put listening to the next level

Every time somebody says something on your SM, you need to treat it like your freakin’ house is on fire. Meaning, make it your priority to reply back ASAP. Also in case you haven’t noticed there are those “usually replies within…” messages on Facebook, yeah that needs to read either “immediately” or “within an hour” or close to that. You know why people post support questions on your Facebook groups or Pages even when you specifically stated that it is not a support desk?

Because they expect for somebody to reply right back in the next minute or so, they believe this is the place they can get the most for their buck, place where somebody will say something to them ASAP and not have to wait for the support to resolve their issue, because this is public after all and they think the owners will be more inclined to reply to them when they call them out publicly.

So you have to be very active, listen to what people are saying and attempt to be “ahead of the game”. Have a “sprinter start” and be ready to reply ASAP. It’s your obligation to do this and help them out as much as possible as soon as possible.

You can increase the value of the customer experience by including other people in the conversation. Prospects, influencers, and even competitors.

Listening to what people are posting on your SM will give you an insight on their issues but don’t be just a silent observer. People like that personal touch and to know they are being heard. This can transform them into raving referrals of your brand. RR = raving referrals, I like that.

– Scalegagement

Oh, that’s totally the word of the week. Come on, has anybody done this already? if not, I want a trophy!

If you think you have to go around and answer to every comment on all of your SM accounts manually, think again. I mean come on, there are such cool tools today that allow you to automate this and put those on the receiving end at ease by simply letting them know somebody has heard them on the other side and not just blindly ignored them. Use tools that automatically reply to comments or private messages, a well-crafted message can do a lot for your customer experience and to lighten up a giant task of your shoulders.
These are Social Media Management tools and they can cover anything from content marketing, automatic social responses and provide central hubs for your team members to manage tasks from such as redirecting questions to appropriate support agents.

– Brand accelewareness

Boom, another one, wow I’m on fire today! Traditional advertising vs social…well, traditional is paid and social has a bit more variety to it. Sure it can be paid as well but there’s also earned, owned and shared content. There are also those nifty little referral locks. You know those: “if 5 of your friends sign up and confirm their email, you’ll unlock the training.” UpViral that launched on JVZoo does this btw.
The magic formula doesn’t really exist. Even the best-informed brands will take a multichannel approach when it comes to their engagement efforts.

– Know your audience

… wow have I repeated this so many times by now…it is crucial that you find out what they want and expect so that you can deliver the content they will engage with. What you want to do here is make your message as relevant as possible and with the highest reach.

Correct content in front of the correct audience via the correct media at the correct time, when they are most likely to see it.

– Avengers I mean, Unite man and machine…or manchine…machiman..nope, there’s no helping it here.

You need to figure out which processes can be put to SM automation and which absolutely require your personal touch.

The most successful brands and those that frequently surpass customers expectations are the ones that understand the interconnection of processes, technologies, and people involved.

– Take your SM to the next level.

Obtain new customers + assist them with their goals + expand a more loyal customer base. Brands which realize SM can play a vital role in these steps are the ones that play to win. Remember, aim to put your brand in front of your target audience using relevant content via the correct media, when they are most likely to see it. Then be sure to listen and reply to every customer on every channel with the help of quality automation tools while finding that balance between a man and machine and adding your personal touch where needed.

No Social Media marketing runs on complete autopilot, it takes technology, actions, and people, of course, to run smoothly and give your customers a great experience turning them into RR – Raving Referrals.

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