5 Tools To Automate Your Business

You might have already got the idea that your time is valuable and should only be spent on tasks that only you can do and let all the little robots out there take care of tedious tasks. This saves you time, you can scale faster and reduce the damage caused by human error…although of course, some software’s are better than others 🙂

Here are several aspects of marketing operations you can automate with the help of tools available today:

Social Media – especially when it comes to content curation

Ads and sales – personalizing offers for specific audience members and engaging with them accordingly.

Email Marketing – automated newsletters, promotion emails (early bird, discount, and closing information)

Lead generation – segmenting your list, maximizing message relevance

Automation, as arguably everything else in IM has some misconceptions. It’s not just a matter of turning on a software tool and watches the ca$h flow in. This is unrealistic and can lead to disappointment. Like everything else, it takes a sound strategy implemented into the process.

Before going all in into automation, take a slow and steady approach and watch out for details. You need to setup your custom campaign.

Let’s take a look at those 5 tools to help you out with your automation.

1. Growbots
This is a tool that helps you with tracking down leads, crafting unique pitches and sending follow-ups. And I believe we can all agree this would take hours and hours if done manually so it makes it a perfect candidate for automation.

Another misconception present in this area is that marketers correlate the concept of automated email and lead-gen with spam. But when you optimize your campaign you will be able to send automated messages that speak to your leads on a personal note.

Growbots bounce rate is under 10% because once you insert your lead list, it will use it’s self-learning AI to go through a database of 200 million decision-makers to find lookalikes and send them optimized pitches, too. This ensures that sales reps only have call contacts with relevant people.

Utilizing the detailed analysis, you will be able to clearly see what’s working and what’s not and fine-tune your campaigns until they turn into a self-running converting machine.

2. Statsbot
With so many moving pieces it can get hard to juggle your marketing: influencer outreach, e-book production to lead nurturing, video ideation, content curation etc… It can get difficult to make your business more efficient and keep track of most important metrics.

Statsbot helps you with this by using automated alerts so you can clearly see what’s working.

The platform tracks metrics relating to funnel performance, web traffic and revenue sales alongside your growth predictions by integrating with Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Mixpanel to ensure that you have a clear picture of your marketing. The platform can also send you milestone notifications via Slack or email and let you know of any anomalies as well.

It will also let you know if you’re on track or not by creating projections using data analysis.

3. Narrow
Marketers these days have been known to put an unnecessary importance on the quantity of followers rather than on the quality of engagement of those followers. Perhaps more quantity can be a great show-off tool or an ego booster but are you getting a positive ROI. This is much easier said than done, where the biggest issue is simply time management. Consider growing your Twitter followers manually, sure it can have its advantages, but how much time of your day does this take you? The time that you can be spending more wisely on other tasks that need your attention.

Narrow is a tool that helps you with building relevant Twitter followers and auto-engage with them. Engagement is the name of the game here and it would not be wise to out and just spam random accounts expecting a positive return of your time.

Narrow allows you to scout social followers by combing for specific hashtags, keywords, mentions, and URLs related to your target audience so that you can engage with people who have matching keywords in their tweets or their bios.

This will help you on who you should be following and the content you should be engaging with by utilizing keywords such as “content marketing” in the IM niche for example.

Once you have targeted the right terms for your business, you can use Narrow to scale your business by utilizing its feature to start following them and liking their posts.
You will be able to optimize, save time and track down the best “audience members” as Narrow logs new followers as “conversions” and displays the conversion rates associated with your keywords.

4. ActiveTrail
It’s easy to over-focus on lead generation, however, a list of leads all by itself doesn’t mean much unless you have built a long-lasting quality relationship with those leads. Doing this all by yourself simply isn’t scalable, unless you’re a self-upgrading android or something like that. And since we are all more all less homo sapiens here, there’s also an ever-present possibility of that human error. This can destroy the relationship with your list before it even takes off.

Building a relationship with them is a long ongoing process of course but there are certain things you can do to speed up and automate the transition from leads to loyal customers.

ActiveTrail drip feeds optimized content to your leads which are triggered by their actions. Pretty neat stuff to help you avoid some off-topic conversations with leads that are not interested in certain offers.

You can set specific messages to gout based on special engagement triggers like clicks on email links and visits to web pages, dispatching emails, texts, and dynamic coupon codes. The platform integrates with CRM’s through Zapier which allows you to sync engagement logs and keep track of your leads.

5. RevealBot
In order to max out the chances, their content will actually be seen by relevant people, marketers often rely on ads. However when we take into consideration how much time is spent into targeting research, competitive analysis, experimenting with new features and ongoing fine-tuning involved…Running ads can be a very tedious pain in the neck.

This is where Reval comes in handy as it allows you to tweak your Facebook ad campaigns without you having to constantly sit by your laptop and monitor ad performance.

Pausing campaigns or ramping up an ad’s budget based on performance in real time gives you a piece of mind where you don’t have to worry about your budget or that you’ll miss out on a large spike in demand. If you integrate the platform with Slack you’ll get notifications on any triggers and changes as they occur all the while keeping within the bid and ad budget ranges.

The platform gives you a strong level of control and a peace of mind because once you set the specific ad parameters you won’t have to worry about any “what if” situations.
Today we want to make our marketing as efficient as possible and get the most out of our investment. Automation can be the missing piece of that puzzle and while not all will benefit from the tools above, here are some of the factors your automation needs to address.

provide useful metrics so you can have a clear overview and build a marketing plan.
– using the data provided, it should increase your ability to tweak your campaigns on the go.
– it should allow you to find the balance between the full autopilot and high quality without any maintenance needs.
– help save you time by doing the tedious tasks which will in return allow you to spend time on more important issues.

In essence tools like this should allow you to scale efficiently, save you time and give you an advantage over the competition.

I’m curious: What automation tools do you use and for which tasks?

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