The Crucial Role of Video in Sales Funnels

You might already be familiar with different Funnel stages and how different content formats actually play a different role, activating different parts of the brain and entice different actions from viewers.

Of course, Video plays a major part in all of this as 90% of buyers report that Video helped them in their buying decisions.

It comes to no surprise that all the marketers want to ride the Video Wave as it plays this major role in marketing.

So how come video marketing is popular and how come even the largest companies on the globe are keen on creating quality video content for their Social Media and Youtube accounts?
Did you know that according to eMarketer we spend five and a half hours per day watching videos on average?? By the end of next year, Cisco predicts almost 70% of all content will be video.

Take a look at current global Alexa rankings:
[click on the image to expand]

Youtube is the second most visited site on the planet and the second most popular search engine after Google as well.

Ok, so Video is popular, no kiddin’? We all probably knew that right? Someone might argue: “Yeah but people are watching cats wrestling penguins and people falling from rooftops…” Guess again, mister! Or…sister…I don’t know, just wanted to sound tough…Many of the major brands have their channels on Youtube, Vimeo, and other video platforms.

Some may also argue that today’s typical viewer is anti-corporate, but 64% of people stated they tried a product because they were influenced by a branded video in their news feed and 85% of them liked a branded video on Social Media sites.

Take a peek at subscriber levels of some of the major brands on Youtube:

What makes Video content so popular? People are hooked on stories. Youtube, Netflix, PlayStation…people are constantly bored and looking for something to do. Processing video content doesn’t consume as much energy as reading, for example, in fact, our brain processes Video 60,000 times faster than text!

People go out of their way today to find videos of interest and if your brand has related videos it makes it a great way to attract new fans and send them through your sales funnel.

But which type of video to use in which area of your funnel for best conversions? As with everything, this marketing strategy requires some know how and planning.

In the awareness stage at the top of the funnel, informative and explainer videos can help with prospects that are aware of a certain issue they are facing.

Personalized videos can help potential buyers when it is that decision-making time.

Take a look at the graphic below to see which types of videos to use when:

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