Flip Your Funnel

We talked about the AIDA marketing funnel which basically looks like this:

Well today we’re gonna “flip da script” and take a peek at a different type of funnel that allows for a more targeted approach. In today’s data drive, personalized and automated marketing it is possible to take a more precise approach.

Instead of starting with a general approach and attempt to capture as many prospects as possible, we’re gonna look to minimize the long sales cycle and improve our targeting efforts.

Today’s technology makes it easier to assign our resources to the correct people that can become income generating customers.

We can call this a “flipped funnel” approach and it will look something like this:


and as the initials state, the traditional funnel D-I-E-S with this approach 🙂
Let’s take a closer look

1. Detect
This requires for you to take a look at your customer base and create an ideal customer profile or perhaps a company profile that you wish to target. Be sure to check which buyers or companies had the greatest success with your product and the magnitude of these companies.

2. Increase
Take a look at your buyers list and increase the info you have on their social profiles, take notes of this. Their job description, responsibilities they have, age, gender, geo location, income…This will become valuable info for various products you plan to promote in the future.

3. Engage
You can carry out your marketing plan using webinars, emailing them valuable content or on social media perhaps via live events. The point is that you engage with them. This will help create momentum and push them through your sales funnel. There are analytical automation software’s out there that can help you track their engagement.

4. Support
Support support support…make sure you keep your customers happy and that your support team does everything they can to guarantee clients success. Remember the 20/80 motto? 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your revenue.

Word of mouth is still one of the best and most organic types of marketing. Aim to transform your customers into advocates that will rave about your product or services and the success they had with them. This carries the greatest marketing impact.

Final Thoughts
Perhaps this approach seems as more work to start with, it will actually help you minimize wasted resources on customers that simply not the best fit for your offer. Sketch out your audience, find them, engage with them and put the correct offer at the correct time in front of them. Spice it up with some urgency and scarcity, stir it up and voila…you just might have a recipe for success there.

Don’t ask what your sales funnel can do for you, but what you can do for your sales funnel!

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