Utilizing Video Ads Inside Sales Funnels

In case you are using video in your advertising campaigns and pondering on ways in which video could most effectively shift visitors throughout your conversions siphon, you will find this blog post helpful as it shows you ways to push prospective customers using several phases of the decision-making procedure simply by providing the best video in the correct time.

Before you begin developing video projects with regard to each and every point of the conversion funnel, it really helps to understand precisely the ways in which conversions funnel is actually represented. Within its own rudimentary design, conversions funnel is actually a set of steps created so as to direct target market to a purchasing decision.

The promotion procedure described within this post relies upon a three-part funnel referred to as ALL: Awareness, Level 1 Re-targeting, and Level 2 Re-targeting. The strategy is actually meant to shift a target prospect from the top to the bottom, and utilizing video advertisements is one of the most powerful strategies to accomplish this.

For marketers, an included advantage is that one will be able to develop video custom-made audiences out of views of your videos, that you utilize at the center of your sales funnel as your Level 1 Re-targeting.

Online video material on Facebook surpasses at grabbing and after that persevering viewers focus compared to some other content styles for instance images as well as link posts. Facebook users currently view over 100 million hours of video each day, and video’s appeal is really just growing. Traffic coming from online videos will probably make up over 80% of all customer Web traffic by 2020 (jump from 73% in 2016).

So it kinda makes sense to utilize video in your funnel yeah?

– Warm them up

A typical error is attempting to market right away with straight direct-response projects to individuals that usually aren’t prepared to purchase from you. On top of the sales channel, the target markets you’re targeting are a bit well…stiff…they’re not familiar with your brand and probably don’t acknowledge or trust you. With this in mind, your objective is to develop recognition of yourself and your brand. I mean you wouldn’t walk to a girl on the street and say: “ok now regarding our wedding…a band or a DJ?”

Educational content is a great way to deliver direct value to your target audience. In your video, teach viewers something or preview the written content such as a guide or checklist lead magnet. This will “warm up” the tough crowd, increase your brand awareness and help you build authority in your niche.

An efficient technique in order to establish trust and awareness is to generate video material which tells your one-of-a-kind brand story. Your values and primary beliefs are definitely one more reason clients purchase from your brand, not just the benefits they get.

In the example below, the Coca-Cola company is telling a story that speaks about how the company values recycling.

At this phase of the sales channel, you can use your video clip material to request responses as well. Your prospective clients could aid you in establishing the instructions for the content or products you generate.

There are many purposes an advertising campaign may have, however, for this stage of our funnel, views is what you wanna go for.

– Landing page delivery

The middle stage of your funnel, the Level 1 Re-targeting is where your videos are targeting viewers who have expressed interest and interacted with your video. You wanna take advantage of this and push them further by incentivizing them to buy your product or service. Since they already expressed interest we can consider this audience warmed up and you wanna turn up the heat some more in order to produce buyers.

So you wanna target whoever liked, shared or viewed your video, then create a custom audience based on those engagements. You can create a custom audience based on video views for example, in order to target people who have viewed your video.

At this stage, you wanna direct people from Facebook to your landing page where they can check out more info and make the purchase, by utilizing benefit-driven content.

One of the great strategies is to have a special offer ready where you offer either a discount or a cool bonus for their purchase. Another way is to simply give them a sneak peek and offer a free trial so that they can actually get a taste of your product. I do suggest using this in case of a software because if you do it for a course, people can just use that free trial to download everything to their hard drive. So free (time limited) trial for software or free (content and time-limited) trial for courses.

You wanna get a specific action out of your visitors at this point, not just have them watch the video, but rather have them fill out an opt-in form on your landing page for example.

– Re-engage

There will be people who have visited your website but haven’t taken the desired action, these are the folks you’ll want to re-target at this stage of your funnel. You can do this with a reminder or testimonial videos. What you’ll need for this to work is Facebook’s tracking pixel and some conversion analytics to see what’s happening!

If you’re into e-commerce, for example, you can use this strategy to re-engage with people who have put items into their cart but left and didn’t proceed with the purchase. You can send them video testimonials to build social proof and trust in order to convince them to finish the purchase.
Take a look at one of these re-targeting video ad testimonials.

Doesn’t have to be e-commerce, of course, you can use reminder campaigns to remind people who have visited your website to take action.

Peoples attention spans are smaller and smaller, there is even a study that people need to see an ad 7 times on average to take action. Re-targeting campaigns are a great way to simply remind people of your offer, (because trust me, they will forget soon) and entice them to take action and “cross the finish line”.

The best type of videos to use here are the ones that are made for conversion oriented purpose because you want them to take specific action.

Video doesn’t have to be only used at the top of the funnel to simply build brand awareness…You can use it further along the funnel using the re-targeting strategies to engage with your target audience more effectively with the right offers at the right time and receive a greater ROI.

Have you tried using video in your advertising to build awareness about your product or services? Do you re-target in your advertising campaigns?

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