June Update

A big hello to our members!

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for being part of the JVZoo Academy community once again, and as part of our strategy to ensure all members are kept up-to-date with recent developments, additions and updates to the training platform, we’ll be using this blog as a way to keep you updated.

Here’s some of the latest developments over the last month:

You may have noticed the change in branding on the JVZoo Academy website. As part of our overall communications strategy, we’ve been working on a more community orientated and friendly brand. Its our intension to continue to build on the new brand we’ve created with a new training area, software and community area for members over the coming months. Although starting an online business may sound daunting, we want to ensure that our members feel confident in following the training and other services the platform is providing.

JVZoo Academy Page Builder
You may have also noticed a change in the way JVZoo Academy Mastery users can access the Page Builder. After logging into your JVZoo Academy dashboard, you no longer need to input a separate set of logins to access the software. Instead you will automatically be redirected to your software dashboard from the JVZoo Academy dashboard once you click on the Software tab. This page builder was built based on the code of our other software iGloo App, and therefore if you need extra training about how to use the Page Builder, the steps are exactly the same as the training that is currently hosted on http://training.iglooapp.com/. We will be creating specific Page Builder training very soon so watch out for this in a future blog update. Now, although the initial code that was used to build both software was the same, as of right now, and moving forward, the two are in fact different. The Page Builder is created with a JVZoo Academy Member in mind and therefore the functions in it are and will be more relevant and specific to the needs of an online marketer using JVZoo’s platform to sell products as a vendor or affiliate. For example, one of the key differences between the two is that your Page Builder subscription includes our self-hosting feature meaning you do not have to purchase hosting for your pages or set this up specifically as it is already included. Adding this in for JVZoo Academy Mastery users made a lot of sense. We understand that while you are using the many training resources inside of JVZoo Academy it is important that you are also given the tools to implement that training effectively. Its why we have a big focus on improving these tools and offering more tools to our premier Mastery users moving forward. NOTE: On the 25th May GDPR came into effect. We have implemented a number of changes to ensure that the tools used within JVZoo Academy Mastery are GDPR compliant.

Facebook Group
If you’re not connected with the Facebook Group already, we hope to welcome you inside https://www.facebook.com/groups/jvzooacademy/ where you can ask other members questions, get ideas from other marketers and share your thoughts or recommendations with other like-minded members.

Success Stories
We’re very honored to have been tagged and contacted by numerous members who have been able to see results in their online business after going through the JVZoo Academy training. We are constantly amazed at the goals being achieved, and love celebrating every milestone with members along the way. We will be releasing a number of very exciting online events both for members who have achieved a milestone, as well as those who need some incentive to put the training into action. So watch out for more updates about these. And if you have a milestone you’d like to share with us, please get in touch with [email protected] – send through some screenshots of your recent success you’ve had in your online business as a result of something you learned inside the JVZoo Academy training, and we will send you something very special as a thank you for being an honored action taker in the community.

Thank you for being with us!
Onto the next month of milestones, and we look forward to updating you with more news as it comes.

Sam Bakker & the JVZoo Academy Team

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