iGloo App’s main purpose right now is to allow you to create pages that sell. When you combine these sales-driven pages, what we have is called a ‘Sales Funnel.’

A Sales Funnel is basically a process that encourages a visitor to take multiple actions.

If we look at a real world example, we could compare a sales funnel to a café. I really like a good coffee and often look at different coffee shops as I walk through town. Let’s say that a café creates a sign to drum up traffic from the street. The sign reads: “The Best Coffee In Town”. This is the café’s sales message which could be compared to your website’s headline.

You read the sign and decide to go to the café; you walk through the door and pick up a menu. This is Step #1. We can liken this action to filling out a Opt-in form online to express your interest in a topic. You want to take a closer look at what information the website has to offer and in exchange you give them your email.

After looking at the café menu, you decide to place an order. You walk up to the counter and the waitress greets you. You say “I would like one flat white, thank you” She responds “Sure” as she begins to write down your order. This is now Step #2. You could compare this process to making a sale from your website.

The waitress then says “Thank’s for your purchase, you’ve made a good choice. By the way would you like to have a muffin with your Coffee? We’ve got these delicious blueberry muffins that were baked fresh this morning. I highly recommend them.”

You consider her offer and say “Yes, let’s do it. I’ll add that to my order”

This is Step #4. This real-life interchange is like now purchasing an upgrade or add-on with your initial online purchase.

You probably go through these kinds of real world ‘Sales Funnels’ all of the time. Have you ever considered how powerful they really are though?

This example shows how a sales funnel works and can help a business make more money. Step-by-step you’re encouraging the visitor to make a decision until they’ve purchased one or more items from you.

This concept isn’t very rare these days. In fact, most businesses use sales funnels whether they are aware of it or not. McDonalds was one of the first companies to really make the idea famous with their memorable line “Would you like fries with that?” .

Physical businesses have been using sales funnels for a very long time. This concept is still new and widely underused over the internet though. Big companies such as Amazon are masters at sales funnels but everyday businesses and individual website owners are struggling to maximise their potential because they don’t know about how to apply this strategy that works so well for them offline… online.

Here’s an example of how a Sales Funnel might work online:

As you can see in this image, when someone visits the initial page in your sales funnel, you force them to take an action. The whole goal of this first page is to get your visitor to take an action with the awareness that they will enter your sales funnel.

Once a visitor takes that action, which in most cases is to fill out a form with their name and email, you immediately take them to a page where they have another decision to make. They can either purchase a product that you’re offering them, or they can decide not to purchase. Either way, you’re forcing them to make a decision. If they say “no” they might exit and be added to a list of other people who have said ‘no.’ In this scenario, you continue to communicate them in the hope of making a sale later. If they say “yes” and purchase, you might take them to another offer where they are again forced to make another decision.

This can continue for however long or short you want it to. This is how sales funnels have traditional been used online. Obviously there are many more advanced ways of doing this but in principle you’re forcing visitors to make decisions with the intention of maximizing the amount of products you sell.

If you’d like to find out more about sales funnels, subscribe to our channel today! If you’d like a software that helps you to sell more for your business, you can find a link to iGloo App here.

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