One of the major reasons that we created iGloo was to empower entrepreneurs and people working a 9 – 5 to reach higher and do more. Today I want to address what is probably one of the biggest reasons people never get going and one of the more common questions I get asked.

“How do I sell products online when I have never made any money online before?”

First action trumps knowledge. If you want to be known online as an expert you’re going to need to take some action.

This is slightly embarrassing for me but I’m originally from Wellington in New Zealand. There aren’t a lot of things that Wellington is known for other than it’s ridiculously windy climate. Flat White Coffee or the Flat white actually originated from Wellington. It’s probably what Wellington is most famous now for. In Wellington if you go there you’ll see a ton of cafes most of which make a really good flat white. I myself have grown up being a part of that culture. I’d wake up in the morning, go to my local café with everyone else and get a flat white before heading to work.

When I was last in Wellington it was around my sister’s birthday and we had given her a camera. I wanted to help her grow in confidence with her camera but also get some experience using it so around midnight we decided to create a video about making a flat white. Now I at the time knew next to nothing about making a flat white. I had 0 formal training on the topic but there was a coffee machine in the co-working space we were working at called ‘Biz Dojo’. I had been watching people make coffees in there and learned from watching what they were doing.

It didn’t matter really we decided to film a video to kill some time and laughing away we decided to create a instructional video for making a New Zealand flat white.

After creating the video my parents wanted to see it so I decided to upload it to YouTube with the title “How to make a New Zealand Flat White”. I shared it with them then forgot about the video entirely.

Next thing I knew was that I think it was actually a friend of mine who brought up they were searching for how to make a flat white and saw my video. We did a Google search and my video was ranking top for ‘How to make a New Zealand Flat White’.

It was hilarious. The video had received a few thousand views and had a number of comments from Coffee snobs hating on the coffee I had made.

By this time I had my own coffee machine and for the last year had been successfully making great flat whites. I had gone to a barista course and knowing I’d be living in Russia where it’s difficult to find a good flat white I had become very good at making authentic Flat Whites from wellington. I knew enough to say for sure that what I was making in the video was not a bad attempt at a flat white but it for sure wasn’t an actual flat white.

Still regardless of that I had a ton of people who had learned from this video and given me an upvote. My video was ranking for Flat whites and there are probably a ton of people who now perceive me as some kind of coffee expert because they found this video and it helped them. The fact is that in this video I had more experience than someone who had never worked a coffee machine before or never attempted to make a flat white. I was able to teach what I knew.

Although I am a little embarrassed about this video I have decided to keep the video up because it’s a great reminder of what action can produce. I kind of fell into this. It never crossed my mind when we were filming it that I’d be getting hate on the internet for creating this video or that this video would be viewed by anyone else other than family. Regardless I’m happy that I took the action because it was all part of the process for me. It’s the same for you.

Bottom line is that if you’re sitting at your computer watching this right now and if you’re waiting for permission to start taking action and sharing your experience with others no one will ever give you that permission. It’s better to be under qualified and just take action and learn on the way than it is to wait around never taking any action on what you’re learning. You learn much faster when you’re taking action or teaching your topic than you ever will from behind a computer.

You become an expert by going out there and confidently pursuing the person you want to be. If that’s expert status in your field then make sure you work hard and learn the information but don’t wait around for someone to tell you you’re ready to start selling information, providing services in that area or getting paid as a consultant. You can start today by clearing your mind and pursuing 4 basic actions.

1. Find a passion or something you can become good at.Whatever that is. It could be that you want to specialize in WordPress, fitness, health. Learn one thing to start with to the stage that you can teach it.

2. Create a product. No one ever made any money online without selling anything. If you want to make money you have got to be selling and one of the best ways to do that is by having a product of some kind. A compilation of your knowledge or expertise that can help another person

3. Look at how other experts are selling. Believe it or not you’ll probably learn a lot more in most cases from looking at how experts are selling and actually going out there and doing the same yourself.If you need to get feedback and make improvements where you need to.. Connect with others in your field at a similar stage and continue to work towards what your goal is.

4. Also, if you don’t have a sales funnel software but you want to effectively sell like the experts are selling then signup for iGloo.

iGloo allows you to generate leads, make sales, create sales funnels as top experts in their field do. When you’ve build your sales funnel with iGloo you’re no different from any other expert out there. Provide value to your audience, service their needs, implement what you learn and help people. As people find out about you for the first time, as they see how you’ve setup your sales funnel and your offers to help them improve one area of their life automatically to them you are now an expert. So don’t wait around. If you want to follow your passion, become known in your field. Learn a skill to the stage you can teach it then package that skill into a training offer with the help of iGloo.

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