I still remember the first Opt-in page I ever created. I had spent a couple of days writing case studies about businesses who had successfully used a particular Facebook strategy. This was a few years ago. I thought the strategy could be sold but I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing at the time. I had gone through some training which was headlined with “Create an Opt-in and Generate Some Leads,” so I figured “okay, why not?” Thinking about it now, one of the biggest advantages I had was not overthinking it. I was just stumbling in the darkness with small bits of advice I had picked up here and there.

I created the Opt-in page, added my giveaway product and that was kind of that. Over the next couple of weeks, I gradually got the page out there and started generating leads. I was giving away a strategy I had picked up from someone else but I was able to generate leads from it. I could get leads because I had packaged the strategy in a way that was easy to understand and useful to people.

The point here is that when you’re giving away a product, it doesn’t need to be your own strategy. You can literally package up what you observe and, if it provides value to your audience, be perceived as an expert. Because you introduced them to the strategy, you’re credited with its influence . It’s crazy but it’s true! This was my first step towards creating my first product. Within 2 months, I had created my first ‘how to’ product for creating and marketing Facebook pages for businesses. The product had come about because people who downloaded my free guide from the Opt-in page requested I create a ‘how to’ product to teach them how to use Facebook . I became an expert to a lot of people and it all started from what I gave away for free.

I’ve said this over and over again but it’s worth mentioning once more: experts are experts because they give away information. Start giving away information and the people who gain value from it will perceive you as an expert and become much more likely to purchase your products.

It all starts with a giveaway product, though. So let’s have a look at the many opportunities you have to create free products to generate a list and be perceived as an expert by consumers.

First, your success comes down to content and what your strategy is. This isn’t the same for everyone but you’ll be able to adjust this to suit your needs.

1. Start with your overall product plan:
This is a mind-map we prepared recently for a product we put together about outsourcing.
The product itself is something we sell for about $197. We do a mind-map before we create any course, book, guide or even any new software.

Mind-mapping helps us get our ideas on paper and fully explore all of the ideas we have.

Once our ideas are all laid out in a mind-map, it should look like this:

When you’re starting out and still learning your topic, this is also a strategy you can use to better break down what you’re learning. It’s a really useful exercise to better understand the process you’re trying to follow. Through this process, you can also see where different products cross over and where different skills come together.

So what you do is lay everything out that could potentially be added into your product here. If you’re not familiar with something or don’t feel confident about what you’re doing, just write it anyway. You can always go out and learn it better so you can add to what you’ve written in future. I lay everything out so it’s all on paper and really clear so I can then focus on creating the product. Usually I make sure products I’m creating are as complete as possible.

2. Take a strategy people REALLY want that is easy for them to implement:
To find our giveaway product, we identify the single most attractive, achievable and useful section of our overall product. We then set it aside like this:

Here it is. This is our product. We take one segment that we can either teach in its entirety or package up into a strategy and use that. That’s exactly what I’ve done here. People who want to learn about outsourcing really want to know how to find a virtual assistant at a reasonable price. It’s one of the most in-demand topics today. I know this because I’ve seen other marketers advertising virtual assistants as one of the main features of their products. I think about my audience and their situation. It’s probably one of the most useful time-savers that can help their business. It’s easy to action and easy for me to teach. This is our topic for our giveaway guide.

3. Package the information up into a giveaway:

Once we’ve identified our giveaway product and what’s included in the product, we then work out how to package up the information. Ideally, you’re going to want to learn all you can about your topic then put together a short guide of some kind. Keep it to no more than 12 pages, though. Use screenshots and lots of visuals.

If you’ve got the plan then it’s possible to actually have someone else write the guide for you. There are websites like Upwork that are great for this and I’ve seen it done successfully countless times. Many experts use freelancers and ghost writers to create their content. They then check over the content to make sure it’s ready to give away.

This shouldn’t take long. The main thing is to make sure it provides some value to your audience and really solves a problem. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re teaching.

4. Make Your Product Look Attractive, Like A Product Someone Wants

The final step is packaging it up so it’s sexy. You can do that by writing a hook for the product. For this type of product, I’m going to be communicating something along the lines of “How you can pay someone else to do your work for less than $3 per hour”

Create a cover for it using a website like to make it look like the type of guide someone would want to read. From there, I’m creating an Opt-in page to give it away. People can then enter their information into my form and get access to the product. You can do all the technical website-related stuff with iGloo App, obviously. We have a guide ready to give away.

That’s it!

You can use this strategy with anything that relates to the information niche. Fitness, health,
Online marketing, consulting, etc.

In fact, if you’re a bit too lazy to do this, you don’t even need to package it up into a product. An alternative option is to run a webinar on the topic; many people do this.

You’ve probably seen opt-in pages like advertising a webinar for your name and your email. This is essentially the same strategy, except instead of packaging your product up into a guide or something like that, you lay out the information in a presentation format. This approach also gives you the opportunity to sell your clients something additional at the end of the webinar.

How to do that is a topic for another day though. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and got a lot of value out of it. Again, if you want to be able to generate more leads and sell more products, you can use iGloo App. There’s a link to it down below.

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