How To Create High Converting Sales Funnels (Part #1)

Disclaimer: This is part 1 of a 4 part series we’re doing on how to remove writers block when writing sales presentations and how to motivate your users to take action even if you’re not a salescopy writer and even if you have horrible grammar or lack any creativity what so ever.

You’ve probably been there. You’re sitting ready to work, you’ve got the time and you end up procrastinating. You know you need to write an email, you know you need to be writing your salespage copy but you get distracted. Often it’s not that you want to be wasting time but you have no idea where to start. You see the blank canvas in front of you and you’re only capable of seeing the big picture.

What I’ve learned is that successful people are very good at chunking down tasks. Instead of worrying about how big the task is instead they take the approach of looking at the smaller steps that go into successfully completing the larger task.

For example one of the biggest hurdles for me used to be how to start a marketing campaign. How to write something from a blank canvas that motivates someone to buy from me.

When you’re starting out this is a difficult task. It does get easier the more you do it but it’s always going to take time and you’re always going to have to confront the fact that you need to do some work to complete the task.

So here’s what my mindset became to conquer this task and it helped me to become significantly more clear on what I was trying to achieve.

I used what I call the ‘one goal’ method. This is the one goal method – I like the one goal method

Instead of looking at the task as “I need to write this whole email”. I instead base my email around one much easier goal. What do I need to write to get someone to take an action.

This helps to clarify everything for me. What do I need to say in order for someone to click.

So I first consider a couple of things.

Who is my audience and what is their interest
What is on the next page I’m advertising

Then I’ll write the email starting with the subject.

Think about your subscriber. They are on their computer looking at their email inbox and your email falls into their inbox. The first interaction that you’re going to have with them is going to be your subject line.

So what subject line communicates effectively why they should click into the email?

Subject: ….

If you’re short of ideas then you can cheat and use a standard template such as:

How to do X in X…

This always works. If I am absolutely short of ideas Ill usually write this as well. It’s an acceptable subject link that’s usually quite attractive for a lot of people and can be applied to most of the types of offers you might be pushing.

From there we’ve actually just completed one of the most important parts of our email because obviously if someone opens your email they have an interest in what you’ve just written in the subject and if they don’t then they are obviously not that interested which is fine.

Now for those that do open up our email it’s important that we maximize the amount of people who click on our link in our email. That’s going to be our goal. The selling or whatever you’re pitching can happen on the next page because that’s the page where your subscriber will made a decision whether to buy or not. You just need to get there. So the only action your visitor can possibly take is to click a link in your email. So lets work towards that sole goal.

How do you motivate that action? In this case we know that the person reading our email has an interest in what it is we advertised in our subject line so we’re basically giving them no reason to leave the email and click away. We want to motivate them to click and the best way to do that is by giving them no reason to exit the email and not continue to find out what we’ve written in our email.

So you just need to basically lay out a bit more information about your case. Why this is going to be a link that they will want to click.

Here’s a formula that consistently works:

Establish a problem no one can deny or write an undeniable fact.

It could look something along the lines of:

It’s an undeniable fact that
99% of people who are
doing X right now don’t
enjoy it…

If you’ve struggled with X
You’re not alone. In fact
I to struggled with it for
X time…

From there we are simply then leading a visitor to the point where they are ready to click our link.

So in this case again we could write:

Well I’m excited today to
reveal a solution that means
You’ll never struggle with
X ever again.

That is because….

You can take a closer look at it here:


What we’re doing is we’re chunking everything into smaller steps. It makes the process very clear that we need to follow and we simply follow this process every time.

Once you complete your email then from there you can always go back over it and make changes where you think necessary. I have used this concept of ‘One Goal’ for a long period of time to create sales funnels quickly and to eliminate any writing blocks I’ve started to feel coming on

At the end of your email again you’re just naturally leading people to the link. You’re not trying to sell or pre-sell you’re just motivating your visitor to click and your sales page or whatever page you’ve got on the other side can perform the rest of the work.

Use this strategy to prevent writers block as you create emails that you can use within your sales funnels to motivate your visitors to act.

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