How To Create High Converting Sales Funnels (Part #2)

The first place to start when it comes to creating an Opt-in is what you’re giving away. We’ve actually prepared a video about this in the past to make it much more easier for you to create giveaway products. You can find out more about it down below this video.

Your Opt-in page within your funnel is actually one of the easiest types of pages you can create. You’re literally creating the page to give someone something you know they need for free with the agreement that all they need to do is enter their name and their email address in return for that free gift.

This is the in between page between your advertising efforts and what it is that you’re selling. That’s why it’s surprising sometimes hearing how much time some people spend thinking about doing this without actually doing it.

There are many different types of Opt-in page templates you can choose from out there. As far as I know there isn’t really many rules when it comes to what templates work the best. Whats actually more important is the angle you take. What text you’re writing that is going to convince your visitors to Opt-in.

So with that said again we can apply the one goal strategy here. Taking into consideration your free giveaway and where people are likely to be visiting your page from then write down why someone would be interested in what it is you’re offering.

This starts with the headline:

What is the problem this free giveaway will solve and why would someone be interested in it.

It might be because its going to show a simple strategy that helps to deliver a result for your visitor. Or it could be because you’re offering something of value to your visitor. Value as you can imagine comes in many different forms depending on who the audience is so there are not many strict rules here. You just need to give something that has enough value to the audience you’re targeting so they Opt-in. Your only goal is to get that form submit.

So lets start with the headline. What is it you’re giving away? Why would your visitor want what it is you’re giving away?

You could use a headline such as:

Why you’re probably having difficulty PROBLEM and how you can easily overcome that difficulty with SOLUTION.

Alternatively it could be:

The little known 4 step method for achieving _________


Download your free guide to achieving _______

There is no right or wrong here. Test what headline sounds compelling to you then measure your results. With Opt-in pages and how technology is today you can very easy split test what headline performs the best for you but it shouldn’t stop you from creating your sales funnel within a reasonable time.

Once you’ve got your ‘Hook’ and you have written down your compelling message that your audience should be interested it. Work down the page you’ve chosen adding more information, each piece of information leading to the end result which will be your visitor adding their name and their email into a form.

Some parts of the Opt-in that are worth mentioning that I’ve noticed in my own Opt-in pages are:

– Make your form stand out

Your forms that you create should always stand out. They should be clear and easy for someone to see and enter their name and email into. You have to think that a lot of people in your market and depending on the niche may not be very familiar with this style of page. For that reason you need to make the action they should be taking super clear and easy to find. Choose a template that makes your forms stand out.

– Headline must be clear

Your headline always should be very clear. It doesn’t always need to be direct but it should be very clear and easy to understand. While you’re creating and testing your first few headlines on your Opt-in it’s important that you communicate the benefit clearly as to why someone should be interested in adding their name and email into your form. In future as you get more experience you can be a bit more creative and see results. For starters though – start with the basics and that is communicating as quickly and as clearly as possible the problem you’re solving for your audience.

– If you use a video make it autoplay and above the fold

This one should be quite obvious. These days video is very important. It’s working well on many Opt-ins and a lot of people are using video to establish trust a lot faster. If you are using video on your Opt-in have the video loading right away and showing clearly when someone arrives to your page.

– Less can very easily be more on an Opt-in page

Your goal is to generate a name and email from a visitor who arrives at your Opt-in page. There is no point in writing your life story, including additional information that doesn’t relate to what your audience is getting or anything else like that. Your sole goal is to get an opt-in. That’s your one goal so only work towards that. Anything else will most likely work against that.

– Always speak to them. Not to yourself

I see big marketers get this wrong a lot as well as new marketers. Speaking to your audience is extremely important. Communicating in language they understand but also speaking to their problems. Not why they should be downloading your new book because of what a star you are and how nice you are to help them. No you should be speaking to their situation and communicating only in terms of what ‘benefits they are going to receive for handing over their email.

Once your Opt-in is complete measure your results. You can track your statistics within igloo and easily split test different Opt-in styles and designs to see what generates the best results for you. Add your Opt-in forms as popovers on your website and work towards generating leads you can then engage via email to make a sale. An opt-in page is an important part of many funnels. It’s usually the first step people take before getting involved in a sales funnel so spend some time making sure your message matches the overall solution you’re going to be providing to your audience then after that get started on selling whatever product it is you’re selling whether it be an affiliate product or a product you’ve created.

See you in the next video.

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