How To Create High Converting Sales Funnels (Part #4)

Upgrade Page

Hopefully now that you’re reading this post you’ve had the opportunity to go through the prior videos within this ‘one goal’ method series. If you haven’t’ yet had a chance to read those other posts go here now to start from the beginning.

When it comes to Sales Funnels one of the most important components is your upgrade funnel. What upgrades are you offering after your original sell on the salespage?

An Upgrade can be solely responsible from turning an unprofitable offer into a winning offer and it’s essential if you want to maximize revenue from your Facebook ads or other marketing efforts.

Today we’re going to focus in on what it takes to create a quality upgrade offer. You can then from this new understanding of how an upgrade offer works build one or many upgrades on from your front end offer.

How Related Is Your Upgrade?

The most important ingredient in creating a successful upgrade to fit into your sales funnel is how related and attractive an offer is considering your customer has just made a purchase of that particular product.

The success of your upgrade is directly related to how it can improve your front end offer for your new customer.

So for example you’re selling:

Burgers then offer an upgrade for fries
Fitness Book offer an upgrade for fitness video training series
Wordpress theme offer an upgrade for installation/Customization

You can’t create a successful upgrade without it closely relating to what your customer has just purchased.


One of the biggest contributors to the success of your offer is the price that you choose. The price of the product is determined by the value that the product has for the customer after purchasing your front end product. If you’re starting out with what we recommended which is a front end product then the upgrade product should be a higher price.

Here is what the pricing looked like for one of our most successful information based products:
$17 > $67 > $197 > $97

You can see that with each upgrade we gradually increased the price then bought it back down. This was because of what was on offer and the value it had. Our upgrade #1 was the most related to the FE offer and for the price was a ‘no brainer’ then the second upgrade we knew we would get less people who were interested in the package but it was a really valuable package all the same. We priced it at the maximum we felt like we would get a return. We traditionally then drop the price down lower for the third upgrade. IF people have purchased our other two products then they are more likely than other people to purchase the third offer. They may not though if they feel like they’ve already invested a lot. For that reason instead of lifting the price again we had a lot more success selling a lower priced item for half the price of the upgrade from before hand.

When you’re pricing your upgrades it’s all about how much value you’re offering vs the price. Ideally if you want to maximize your conversions do your best to make your upgrade offerings absolute no-brainers.


One of the other major factors in the success of your Upgrade Pages is scarcity. Scarcity is basically giving someone a compelling reason as to why they should purchase now instead of waiting. There are many ways of doing this effectively within your upgrade funnel. It all depends on your offer and what your intentions are for it.

For example if you’re using iGloo to create your sales funnel you can track your customer through each of the upgrades. You can make it so that if they scroll away or exit the upgrade pages they wont be able to see the page again. If you communicate this message to your new customer when they are on your upgrade page then they know they have to make a decision to purchase now instead of waiting and if they don’t purchase then they will miss out on the upgrade.

Another way you could deploy this tactic to increase conversions is to use real scarcity on your upgrades. This only will work if you actually do what you say you will do and increase the price at the end of the time you say you’ll do it. If you are doing a product launch where you have a funnel. Maybe the launch is only going to be running for 7 days. Then set a timer for when that 7 days will send and add it to your upgrade page. A user will see the timer counting down and they’ll know they need to act before that time. You can then schedule a wide range of emails advertising each of the upgrades they haven’t yet purchased and emphasize the price increase scarcity. These are a couple of easy ways you can start to implement scarcity into your upgrades that are highly recommended to maximize conversions.

Upgrade Structure:

There are many different ways you can layout your upgrade pages. What I’ve found is working the best now is if you treat your upgrade page as you did the salespage but without the story. Your customer who has already purchased from you already trusts you, they also already know why you created the product and the software. For that reason the upgrade structure should look something more like this:

  • Headline
  • Subheadline
  • Image/Video
  • Explanation of the product or service & how it makes the front end product better
  • Features of the product
  • Trust Builder (Testimonials & Guarantee)
  • Final Call To Action
  • ‘No Thanks’ Option
  • Q&A/About US
  • Footer

As you can see it’s very similar to the front end salesletter recommendations we made. The main two differences is that we’ve removed the story and you want to make sure you add an explanation as to why your customer should buy this upgrade then list out the features.

The structure doesn’t change much. There is one major difference between the upgrade page and the front end salespage. That difference is that the upgrade page should refer to the front end purchase a customer has made and make compelling reasons based on that purchase as to why this upgrade is really a ‘must have’. There’s also a ‘No Thanks’ button or text that you should link to the next step in the sales funnel for those who decide against purchasing your upgrade. This allows them to go to the next step in the funnel without having to exit out of your page.

So this brings us to the end of our series looking at how to script a Salespage using the ‘one goal’ method. If you have missed a video and want to catchup then you can do so now. Here is a list of the previous lessons:

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Thanks for following along with this series. I hope it’s clarified for you how to create higher converting funnels faster and easier.

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