Making Money Online? How To Start…

One of the biggest problems for new people when they get online is that you’re usually at the mercy of a bunch of advertising, marketing and people who are trying to sell you things. For that reason it can be difficult to get a good handle on exactly what’s going on. Take my Facebook for example. I don’t go on Facebook very often but when I do I usually get sold a wide variety of things. Make money with Ecommerce, In Business, as a speaker, buy this book buy that book. You know it’s very difficult to get a good handle on how this whole internet thing works. If you for example decide you want to make money online and you even click on one of those ads on Facebook they suddenly get all excited and start sending you ads for everything under the sun.

So I want to make it much easier for you. Skills are better than knowledge. The internet is changing all of the time. Strategies come and go. Different traffic sources come and go. Want to know what stays the same?

Skills and how valuable skills are. You know when I was in English class in school I thought it was a bit of a joke. I didn’t pay much attention, I knew the English well enough I really didn’t have to do any study of it at all. It wasn’t until a few years later I realized how important English is as I started learning about sales copy. Sales Copy is one of the most valuable skills you can have on the internet. The ability to get people to buy from what you say or write so such a big asset. Its one of those skills that once you’ve developed it you’re an invaluable asset not only to your own business but others as well.

If you focus on getting yourself better at developing a skill when you first get online then you’ll always have something that people want.

A friend of mine who was working as a student teacher in the past

Focus on learning high paid skills that serve you instead of keeping up with the latest trends. Skills serve you always.

(My skills I learned for example in copy writing still help me today)

Skills are better than present knowledge. Develop skills as a base and it will light the fire. The gas is then what is going to ignite those skills and take you further. Let me ask you this. And I hope that this never happens. Would not wish it on anyone. If you got yourself into a fighting match with a professional MMA fighter. The first punch is coming at you and you have a short period of time to grasp the opportunity to block it before it hits you in the face.

Would you prefer to have an enhanced knowledge of all of the different types of fighting out there. The different moves, different techniques. Or would you prefer to have developed a skill in blocking a wide range of MMA attacks that you’d worked on for a number of years, you’d practiced.

You might get punched either way but I can guarantee it will be a lot less damaging if you’ve actively worked on it actively in the past instead of merely learning the information.

What I’m trying to get at here is that when you first get onto the internet the first place to start is picking a skill you can develop that has a purpose within your overall game plan. Working on that skill. Learning it whatever it is: it could be copy writing, video creation, design, development, the ability to sell. Whatever that skill is focus on what your high paying skill is. Develop it because that alone regardless of failure will mean you’ll always be a valued person within whatever business you walk into. Then from there develop that skill to the stage you’d feel confident you can do it proficiently, you could teach on it, you could create a product on it. Then sort the knowledge of how to do online marketing, how to create a training course, how to position yourself to become an expert utilizing your skill. This is the best course of action it’s the best way to start. I guarantee that if you work on a skill that skill is going to serve you now and it will serve you in the future as you invest more into your knowledge, as you build your business that skill will always be there assisting you in every aspect.

You know I’ll leave you with one story here on what’s possible when you follow this approach because I had a similar conversation with a friend of mine a few years ago. He was a student teacher at the time but he had seen that I had been able to make money online that it was possible to make money. He had doubts, I still remember talking with him on the phone about some of the doubts people around him had as to whether he was investing time in the right areas. This is the same advice I gave him. Work on a skill, learn something that you can teach. In his case he chose video creation. It took a few months but he managed to get that skill to the stage where he was selling courses about it on Udemy making a few thousand dollars, then selling courses on the wider internet. As he learned of different ways to sell his skill he came up with new ideas developed new skills in design gradually. That one skill took him eventually to the stage he was creating and launching video based software. He’s made over 1 million dollars online since that stage and is probably the best designer I know.

So understand that this is a process but if you want to know where to start and you’re in a 9-5 job right now looking for a way out. Stop purchasing products and learning about trends that are happening right now. Pick a skill that’s in high demand, choose a skill that will serve you for life and work on that first. Knowledge will come later when you’ve developed that skill enough that you can provide it as a service for a company or package it up and sell it. That’s in my opinion the best way to start in this business.

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