What Is My “Thing” Online

One of the best pieces of advice that I got when I was first getting started was to save money by researching freely available information to get perspective. Perspective means that you understand the many different opportunities that are out there. Not enough to actually be doing each of them but instead you have enough of an idea of them that you know what they roughly involve.

That way you can decide what you do like and what you don’t like.

I mean think about it. It’s the same process as you’d go through with any profession right. If you’ve ever been to university you wouldn’t attempt to specialize in every single area. You learn a bit about science as you’re going through high school maybe, you do a bit of research about running a business online, you might watch a TV show and learn what it means to be a lawyer. You get all of these different bits and pieces that helps you to come to the conclusion that you’re ready to enter into learning about that particular topic.

Online marketing is no different except you actually can earn a serious living from it if you get this right.

Perspective means: A birds eye view of everything. You might not know the specifics yet but you can see where everything is located how it all fits overall. That way you can choose where you want to target.

So how do you gain perspective online?

Research. Look at what is happening, how people are selling their products and services online. Look at the types of products and services being offered, who is selling them, how are they selling them and start to think of yourself as you watch others. Is this something that you could possibly do?

While you’re doing this there is one deadly thing that you need to avoid as much as possible and that’s becoming a part of the cycle. The cycle is an absolute trap that I got caught up in when I first started and there

If you’re in the cycle then here is how you get out of it and refocus:

Understand this fully. Write it down if you need to. Put it on your wall or program a popup that pops up every time that you’re thinking of purchasing something online.

There are really only two ways to make money online. You’re either selling a product or you’re selling a service of some kind.

You don’t make money unless you’re making sales. Sales is key in online marketing. So let me ask you a question. Is it a better strategy to focus and worry about traffic when you’re first getting started because it’s new and always changing, always flashy and mysterious or is it better to focus on creating a product or a service to sell.

When it was put to me like this it was very clear. If you want to make money online focus on creating a product or a service.

That’s the very first place you should be beginning as soon as you have perspective.

What can you create that someone would pay you for? You might already have a number of skills that you can use for this. I’ve got friend who were previously doing Social Media for companies. Others who were designers or developers within companies. What is a skill you have that you could use to sell either yourself, your information or create something you could sell.

You might then ask you know well Sam if I don’t know anything or I have no experience then what can I do?

Don’t put restrictions on yourself. No one is an expert at anything until other people start saying they’re an expert. Everyone starts somewhere and right now if you were to look 2 years into the future at your future self do you think that you’d have something that you could teach yourself right now? If you’d spent the last 2 years developing your skills, learning new things do you think you’ve have something you would even be able to package up that would be tempting for yourself in this present moment? I’ve course. We all want to get better and everyone has the opportunity to get better but understand that we’re all operating under different rules and on a different timeline. You are where you are right now because you’re on your own specific timeline. Fact is that someone else is very likely going to be asking the same questions or in the same position that you are right now 2 years from now. Probably lots of people will be actually. There’s always a large number of people who want to improve their circumstances, work from home and all of that. In the last two years alone more and more people have got into this space. The information market has grown and it’s only expected to grow. So if you’re in a position right now listening to this regardless of your current knowledge commit to spending time learning and developing a skill you can teach. Understand that there is no magic bullet. This business takes time, it takes learning or everyone would do it but the fact is that anyone can run a business online. You need to first make a decision to commit and develop a skill to the stage you can become in-demand to people who are in your current situation which is entirely possible.

What services do you want to provide or what products do you want to sell? What is the major skill that relates to that?

That’s how you find your thing. Focus on that, learn that and it will ensure you’re walking the right path towards your goal.

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