How To Stand Out In Your Niche

We’ve been filming these videos now for the last three weeks now. And this is the first time I’ve actually decided to film one outside, I think, other than the one we did in the park. So, I’ve chosen like the coldest day to possibly do that. And it’s going to get a lot colder here in Siberia very soon.

But, what I wanted to tell you about today is I wanted to talk about some of our experience in actually filming these videos and also a little bit about how to stand out in your niche. Because one of the things that I’ve sort of relearned in going through this process is how important it really is to identify what it is that people really want in creating videos.

One of the reasons we started doing these videos in the first place is, first, I wanted to just go through the process of actually doing it because you learn so much throughout this process. That was one of the things that I had been avoiding in my business that I saw a lot of people doing, and a lot of people now are using social media to get themselves out there. I had done a lot behind the scenes, but I’d never really made an effort to get myself out there on these channels.

So, I thought, ‘Well, what a good challenge, and also what a kind of scary challenge,’ because it’s not easy to do a lot of these things and put yourself out there in these different ways, but it really is what’s required now in order to conduct business online in the right type of way.

Now, one thing that really has stood out for me throughout the time that I’ve been filming these videos, and that has been how to actually choose what people would be interested in listening to and actually finding who it is that is my niche. One of the things that I’ve always done is I’ve worked within the JVZoo marketplace. And the JVZoo marketplace is quite a tight community whereas in the wider market, it’s such a bigger market, there’s so many different broad niches and so many broad places and people just have different interests.

And I found that there’s been really two different types of people that are watching these videos. There’s been one group which has been from the JVZoo audience that has found certain videos more interesting than the others. And then I’ve found that there’s a lot of other people who have actually discovered me, who are new and who have added me on Facebook and different things like that, who hadn’t heard of me before and like the videos that are different videos to the ones that I’ve been creating. So, then I had this conflict of, you know, what is it that I am trying to achieve with these videos and who am I trying to reach?

One of the first places that I’ve decided to start to go is actually reaching out to my audience or the audience that I am building and asking them, ‘Hey, what do you actually want?’ Because through doing that, I can see what they want me to create. And I also can see by asking them what the issues are that they want to resolve and where they want to go with what they are doing, I can identify a lot better, you know, what I need to create in order to help them get those results based on my experience, and based on what I’ve done in the past, how I can help them to get to that end result that they are really looking for.

An interesting observation that I’ve really noticed and as we create these videos I will let you know occasionally when I sort of figure out things like this. And hopefully, this is going to be a channel that will continue to grow, continue to develop and be a valuable resource for you moving forward. So, a little bit of insight from our few weeks, three weeks of filming and creating videos on this channel. And I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far and will continue to enjoy them. So, thanks for listening and yeah, see you later!

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