How To Approach Affiliates

Today I’m going to talk about how to recruit affiliates. And the reason I wanted to talk about this is, the question came up in a group that we run about, ‘Hey, how do I get my products out to people if I have just, you know, newly created my product, no one knows who I am?’ There’s always a stage where everyone has this, where no one knows who you are, you’ve created your first product and you have to try and find people that might be interested in promoting your product. So, what do you do in that scenario?

So, when I first started, one of the most scary things for me was actually reaching out to people. I’m not someone who naturally is very good at connecting, I don’t particularly enjoy initiating conversations with random people and I found it kind of difficult to do that. And I noticed that affiliates are obviously a key part of your online business. They are not crucial, they are not essential, but in some places such as JVZoo, ClickBank, you know, it really does help if you’ve got affiliates backing you because you can do like a really big launch if you get a lot of affiliates who are willing to promote and push your products.

One of the things that I did to start off with is I first of all, started to connect with people. I did that through forums, I did that over social media, and I wasn’t actually reaching out to them but I was just kind of building up a collective of different people that I wanted to approach eventually. And these were people that I would connect with on Facebook, I would identify whether they were known affiliates, whether they were promoting other products, whether they were on leader boards, whether I could identify that they had a subscriber list that was kind of interested in the stuff I was pushing. So, I went and basically connected with a bunch of them. Then from there I started applying for links when they bought out their own products. If they had their own products I would apply for links and then I would from there be able to reach out to them and ask them for more information.

I would then create a YouTube video or something I could post on the Internet just to show them that I was putting some work into their product. And sometimes, it’s not really what you want when it comes to dealing with other people on the Internet and making money and doing business with them, it’s really what they want and how you can help them to get to where it is that they want to go. Now, for an affiliate who’s looking at your product they are not only just looking at the product, but they are looking at you and whether they can do business with you in future and whether you are the type of person they want to, they feel like they can continue to work with.

It’s a big deal on a community-based website like JVZoo for example, where I operate a lot at the moment, obviously running JVZoo Academy. One of the things that they want to know is that you are someone they can work with, and reaching out and actually going ahead and creating a review video or purchasing their product and reaching out to them and saying, ’Hey, I really like your product. I like this about it and I am going to promote it. I don’t have a big list, I’m just starting out but I want to promote it anyway,’ and through doing that you can initiate a conversation with that person and then you kind of can get to know them.

The key to affiliate marketing and meeting affiliates is really connecting with them, it’s dealing with them as people and not just doing what a lot of people do and slipping into the mistake.

I get messages almost every day from people that have a launch coming up, I don’t know who they are and somehow they find who I am. They’ll add me on Facebook, I won’t necessarily approve them but I will get a message from them and it’ll be, if I look through my messages, the ones that aren’t open, there’s probably a bunch of different messages there right now that are people who open up talking to me with just a copy paste message that they’ve sent to everyone else.

And it’s like, come on, you can do better than that. Like, really? You think that I am going to promote your product because you copied and pasted something when I have personal relationships with all of these people that I know have proven software, that I know are really good at what they do, that I know provide value to their customers? You know, what’s special about what you are doing? Try to reach out to me and communicate that or try to reach out to me and help me out so you can then demonstrate that to me, and it’s a far better way of approaching me than copy and pasting these things.

Another approach that seems to be happening a lot now is just spam tagging on Facebook and Facebook is cracking down on it, you can’t do that so much anymore because Facebook will ban you. I’ve seen a couple of people, even in the people that I operate with, who were just basically tagging like 40 different people to promote their products. There’s no need to do that, it’s desperate. In the past it was kind of okay when it was brand new, but then nowadays it’s like people have really turned off that, so there’s really no need.

Build relationships with your affiliates and then form there you can approach them, let them know and just be organized.

One of the reasons I’m assuming that people are actually tagging or mass spam tagging people is that they are not prepared, they are not organized with their launch, so they are just like doing a massive spam tag. And then from there what’s happening is that, people don’t really know what to make of it, so they don’t end up promoting and they just see this notification coming and they’re like, ‘Why am I getting all these notifications?’

These are some thoughts that you can kind of work with. If you are starting out, you are brand new, understand that people are people. One of the things that you need to remember is that everyone starts in the same place and people that you are connecting with will have started in the same place as you. So, keep that in mind and then treat people as people, connect with them and you’ll have far much more success in actually getting to promote your products.

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