How Not To Burn Your E-mail List

Today I’m going to talk about ‘how you don’t burn your list’. There is something that is often asked which is, ‘When I am emailing offers as an affiliate how do I not, burn my list?’. The term ‘burn’ basically means people just switch off because you send them so many emails in a certain way that they just switch off.

One of the things about my subscribers and what I’ve been able to do is I’ve been able to email people in a way that is unlike what most people do…

Probably I would say unlike what 95% do, maybe even 99% of people do within the affiliate marketing industry. If you are operating on a place like ClickBank or JVZoo, then you’ll notice that there’s a lot of people that email all sorts of things, that make all sorts of claims and the sole goal is either to get an open or a click.

For me, what I focus on in my emails is mainly on educating people and making sure that I come from an independent perspective, not like I’m a participant in the product itself but actually an observer of what’s going on with these different products. I’m someone who’s positioning himself on the outside as an objective person who is like taking the position of educating on the product, the positives and the negatives, and where it fits into my subscribers’ marketing. As a result of doing that, subscribers don’t see me as someone who is just selling to them all the time but instead, if they’ve got a genuine interest in that product, they’ll tend to open up my email instead of other people’s because they want to find out mainly about what is actually the case with this product. ‘Is it good, is it not? I can trust that Sam is sending out an email that is going to educate me on the product and I will understand where this is going to fit into my marketing and why I might want it and why I might not.’

When you do that, you don’t end up burning your list. I’ve got subscriber lists of mine right now that are affiliate lists and I haven’t added to those lists for over a year. Like, over a year I haven’t launched any products, I haven’t added to these subscriber lists and still I’m getting almost just as good results as I did a year ago. And the reason is because I take the same approach, the same consistent approach every single time.

Sure, I could make more money on one single promotion or a few promotions if I was to turn and say, ‘Hey, this is going to do all of these, generate all these results for you. I can guarantee it.’ Whereas what I do is I don’t do anything like that. I review the products and I make sure that I get all the information about the product and I present it as someone who is completely objective. In doing that, if people want to buy through me, I will obviously offer incentives to buy through me, but they are not going to read like a sales message, they know that what they are reading is actually going to educate them about what they are actually about to purchase if they are deciding on purchasing it.

And I’m not afraid to say, ‘Hey, if you are in this category don’t purchase this product.’ So, people that are in that category that would be upset if they were to purchase it based on like hype, if I had like added in too much hype, will actually be okay. They won’t actually do any of it, they will actually not buy it, and then the next time they will trust me when a product comes around that is a good fit for them, then they’ll end up buying that at that time.

A few important things to remember when you are actually email marketing, and if you are able to incorporate this educational factor into your emails, what you’ll find is you don’t actually need to worry so much about burning your list. Your subscribers will like you more, you’ll get far less complaints and you’ll have a much better time, a lot more fun time affiliate marketing to your audience knowing you are actually adding to them opposed from just trying to sell them all the time.

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